30 December, 2010

The Year That Was!!!!

The year has come to an end.

It has had its blessings and its devils too.

The year began in tears and it ends the same way it began.

But in between, it has had its ups, its smiles, its baggage, its blessings.

The year that was has seen my heart broken, mended and cracked but not yet broken again.

I have witnessed the joy of salvation, the serenity of worship, the beauty of servanthood.

I have experienced the blessing of family and friends, and the void of them too.

I have experienced love though in turmoil, maybe the new year will bring more of love

I have travelled to Ethiopia and Amboseli...places my mind had never fathomed

In all these, I give God the glory for great things he hath taught and given me

God knew the year that was will be that way.

God bless.

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