14 May, 2012

Time Out!

Times up!!!

I need a time out

A time away from me

A time away from the rat race

Away from the competition of who is the bigger rat, perhaps the fatter one too.

I need the referree to sound the whistle

Half-time people!!! Half-time

Time out from the game of life

Time out from being a mother, a sister, a helper

Time out!!!

I wish there was a substitute

One to take over when I could not go on any more

One to stand in my shoes

One to keep the ball rolling while I catch some breath

While I rest my soul

Re-energize my body

Time out for me!

For the Lord has called me out of my sin

Jesus blew the whistle at the cross when He shed the blood for me

Undeserved but loved

Sinful yet redeemed

Forgotten yet remembered

Because my Lord called a time out!!

A time out on my life

For my life match was doomed

Doomed to hell

But He found it fit to blow the whistle

I stand a winner, because He is

For when He blew the whistle

For when God said: Time out!

I ceased, He became

Everyone requires a time out

A time away from selfish living

A time away from ourselves

For salvation is putting your greed away

Taking up the cost of discipleship

Living as per God's will

The match maybe yours

But God is still the referee.

TIME OUT! Do not be caught off guard when the groom comes for His church

Be found at His presence, doing kingdom business.

Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?