02 March, 2017

Just one Lord...Just one

If I could just have one request before God

I would not hesitate

If I would meet God face to face

If He could join me on the floor one more time

If He could see my tears, every night

I would not hesitate

This I ask of you Lord

I would not hesitate to ask for healing of body, mind and soul

10 years on, the prayer has not changed into a testimony

My words have changed to tears

Lord if not for me...or him

For your glory Lord, please

Lord if I find favour in your sight, please

Hear my cry

For my heart is faint

I cannot bear the "it shall be well anymore"

I cannot stand the thought that I have not moved from where I have been Lord

10 years seeking, searching...looking unto You

Lord if I find favour in your sight

Lord, Lord, please

Before my heart grows thin Lord

For your glory Lord, I ask of you

Just one thing Lord do I seek of You

That you may turn my tears into joy

That You may turn my mourning into joy

Just one more time Lord

10 years is a long time Lord, to be on the waiting list.

Not for me or him,  but if not, for Your glory Lord.

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