01 December, 2013

You Were There

I wonder how it felt when Peter walked on water for the first time

I wonder how it felt for Moses to address the Israelites while stammering

I wonder how it felt to see the Red Sea part

How did David feel when he faced Goliath

Did he shrink....did his heart beat faster

Did he know You were there

I wonder how it must have felt when David faced the enemies

You were there, You were there

You are there when the fight seems so hard

You are always there.

So I will stand upon the hill

Face my goliath

Because I know sovereignty has bigger plans for me

You are there in the amidst of the unclear

When things do not make sense

When I see my enemies on both sides

When my tears are my pillow

When I am between thick and thick

So I will hang on

For on the Cross you chose me

For every whip, for every tear

So I will trust you Lord

For you are always here.

When sickness thrives

When families are at the briedge of divorce

When school fees is scarce

When there is no way out

When the Devil is always here

You will always be there

When we go hungry

When we are broken Lord

Through it all,

You will always be there.

You promised Lord.

Till the end of time.

So I will hold on tight Lord.

So tight.