23 December, 2016

Your Grace Held Mama

I do not know how Lord

We survived the 10 plagues for sure!

The kind of struggles that no man can understand

As we have grown in a generation where our problems are 'haves and have nots' scenarios

Not flesh and spirit wars

But in the silence and in the tears

You made a way, that's why I can type this Lord

How we did survive

How we did not die

How we faltered but hang on

Your grace was strong enough

Strong enough to hold us and pick us up

Lord is Lord

Because of You Lord,  Mama held on

She called on the heavens

As there is nothing impossible

You parted the Red Sea

You cause walls to fall

You held Daniel in the Lion's den

You raised Your Son from the dead

Is there anything impossible with you?

With your power, Mama held us Lord

Your grace held Mama

And we are here...

Only because you made a way for us

Sometimes all weather access roads

But we passed through it

Sometimes created moments of oasis

And quenched our thirst

Sometimes, You came down literally

Do not know how

But Lord I am forever grateful

Do not why!

But Lord I am grateful

Because of your grace Lord, Mama kept on.

I am forever grateful Lord Jesus


Now Mama smiles, not because it is over, but because of Your grace and faithfulness.