14 December, 2014

This Man Called Brian

Let me start with this Great man called Jesus

Who made this brave man called Brian

And placed him in this family

And predestined his purpose

He formed him in his mother's womb

He knew the right parents for him

He knew why he placed him as second born

He gave him a great mind

A warm character

An infectious smile

A kind heart

A tough spirit

This great man named Jesus breathed life into this brave man called Brian

He breathed Himself into Brian

Brian is the kind of person to fight on

Never giving up

Always encouraging others even when he needs more encouragement than we do

For 7 years, he has not lived a normal life

He has been on drugs, in and out of hospital

But this man called Brian, has never stopped fighting

His heart may be discouraged once in a while

Maybe he cries on his pillow at night- I would not know

But he is flesh and blood- 100% human

It is understandable to give in considering that life moves on despite our seasons

I mean he had dreams- great dreams

And sometimes it is discouraging to look back 7 years ago

However, this day...

I want to applaud this man called Brian

For when it was right to give up,  he held on

When it was time to forget God, he trusted

When it was time to rebel, he humbled himself

Glory to Glory is the path for this young man

For the greatest man Jesus holds this brave man in His arms

He fuels his heart

He calms his spirit

He revives his brain day in day out

I want to celebrate the Greatest man Jesus for it would have been worse

Thank you Jesus for only you could keep it together for Brian.

I also want to salute Brian- for your strength is admirable

Nothing happens by Chance.

God will restore all the years the locust has destroyed.

We have trampled over snakes and scorpions through Jesus

We shall walk in the land of the living Brian

God is never late, He is always on time.

I say....This man called Brian

Is like no other!

1 comment:

  1. Very inspiring.... What i love about this man called Brian is his infectious smile its one of a kind, genuine friendly smile. What i love about this man called Brian is he is smart literally he has his own swag and he is the smartest IT person i know, he always has an answer to my questions and a solution to even the dumbest of my technological queries. I pray that he will return healthy and live his life to the fullest according to God's will and grace :-)


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