05 February, 2011

Dear Life,

Dear life,

Guess by now you are well acquainted with me
I mean,its been 23 years, 10 months since my inception into your territory
Im grateful for the memories i have acquired on mother earth
The friendships that have come my way
For the salvation of my soul
For love, received and given
For the successes and the blessings this far
But life,
I am tired of the huddles
I am tired of broken hearts
I am tired of losing loved ones
I kinda need a break from the sequence of events lately
I need the unity of family
The strong bond of love
The fun, the company
You know.....
Life, teach me the lessons but lemme enjoy the journey as well
Kindly balance the good and the ugly
And when you teach me the lessons, may i not forget their value
Help me encourage the hopeless
Help me love the unwanted
Let the cruelty of the world not take me by storm
This is my solemn prayer..

Yours truly,
Life partaker.


  1. this is truly deep, well structured and mature stuff. Drawn from the deep bowels of ones heart.
    Meant to Inspire, Encourage, Give hope and Educate!
    Truly good stuff siz, Keep that pen close to your heart!

  2. Domiano is my name, not Anonymous, for the comment above. Ch33rs!

  3. I wil say it again,u inspire me!!

  4. Hi , this is awesome , you are such a blessed writer , am so posting this on FB ...

  5. Dommy...ima keep tht pen close...thanx bro.
    The lady.....thank u for the never ending support
    Cuzo....thanx alot....thanx to God my dears:-)

  6. Lord, hear her prayer and grant her the desires of her heart!!! Naliax, a masterpiece of the masterpieces lives on you brain. Yes, may He make us all learn and nvr forget and also balance the ugly and the good***Amen***

  7. Deep stuff. Ur an inspiration to those around u gal.b blessed

  8. Thanx gal...all glory to God..


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