25 August, 2014

I will Rise

Rock Bottom, they call it

When you hit your lowest and you would love to rise,

There seems no strength in you to rise

Rise to your dream's path

Rise to your calling and to your purpose

When all you see is a dim light ahead

And sometimes it gets pitch black

Rock bottom, i have found myself in

Jesus, I need to rise

I need to live

For what is it for me to gain the whole world and lose my soul

I have lost indeed.

Lord, i want to rise as you have risen

I need to glorify your name

To know not the end of your kingdom

No power can stand against You Lord

Lord Lift me Up

I want to testify your goodness Lord

Lift Me up Lord

I want to rise like Christ was lifted up.

I want to live beyond my human body form

Lord, I want to Rise.

I want to live in You.