29 March, 2011

The little grown things: The visibly inconspicous

They were little

They were inconspicous

They were negligible

They were the little things

''I ain't going to church'' he spoke one day

And sure enough he missed the sunday sermon

I mean he was busy,

You know unfinished businesses that pop up on sunday mornings

Or excess fatigue or criticisms against the church

Lets not be spiritual on this

We've been there

He drank some wine

Soon wine became normal

Then came the alcohol

One beer a day

I mean it helps him relax

The ignorable little things

She said:''this world is full of crap!!!!''

If you cant beat them, you've gotta join them

She's beautiful and she knows it

Life is short, she's gotta have fun

She begins raving once in a whyle

The ravist who wont consume alcohol

Sooner or later, her wardrobe seems too conservative

She's gotta show some cleavage

Some hips,

Boobs must be conspicous

A low rider kinda jeans with a sexy thong


Back to him,

A man's ego cant bow down to another man's

His ego has to conquer

And he sure conquered the women

From the high class, to the shy, the noisy even the good girls turned bad

He is the man.....or atleast in his eyes

Sooner or later....all this becomes a lifestyle

It becomes their way of life

Little things grown big

The humble hearts that knew God

Turned their back from Him

Tasted the world and never looked back

We ignored the little things

Such habits dont start in a day

Even Rome wasnt built in a day

These habits were visibly inconspicous

But who cared enough??

The flesh grew stronger than the spirit man

For how else will the spirit man grow

If the only food on the menu is alcohol,sex, sprees etc etc

Feed the flesh and it grows

The fleshly desires will mature

From being baby desires to untrainable teenagers and before you know it they are adults:old, rugged and unchangeable

These are what we call strongholds

Then we begin to wonder and say:

The things i want to do i dont do..

Those that i dont wanna do i end up doing

All because of little things

The visibly inconspicous

No-one was born an alcoholic, a sex addict, a commercial sex worker

An orgies addict. A wife beater, a player or even a chips funga


God looked at what He created and it pleased Him

He knew us even before we were in our mothers wombs

Lets not be ignorant of the devil in us

It all begins with a thought

The power to act begims in your mind

feed your spirit on His word and you'll wander no more

If men can train dogs...mere animals

Then why is it rocket science to train the mind to focus on worthy acts

Its amnazing how much money we spend to woe a girl

But on matters of God

We term stuff as complicated or impossible

I challenge myself and you

Beware of baby evils before they overpower you and become strongholds

The little things in this life

Make the big stuff of our lives

A person's spiritual condition

Determines the quality of life he lives

Guard your spiritual man

Lest your flesh(read as the devil) becomes the ruler of your life

24 March, 2011

#An encouragement

When the lights go off

Everyone needs some hope

Everyone needs a reason to believe

A chance to wipe their fears away

Dry their tears sometimes

Everyone wants to run but its not that easy

Dont let your fire burn down

Somebody needs a reason to believe

With your light,

We can light up another put off candlelight

For we are someone else's hope

That's how the lost get found my friend

So when you get a chance

To light up someone else's tunnel

Have the honors of doing so

Coz that's how the lost get found

This is love in action

Somebody needs a helping hand to get up

When you kiss the devil...

When you flirt with the Devil

Entice his ways

When you kiss the devil

Arouse his desires

When you beckon him seductively

When you whisper his name

Knowingly or unknowingly

The devil finds his way in your heart and life

When you kiss the devil

You take up a part of him

It could be his language

His talk is foul,obscene,sexual

He gossips,he slanders

Without apology ofcourse

For it is his profession

To steal,kill and destroy

Keep kissing the devil

And soon you find no guilt in evil

You delight in flirting,arousal,masturbation

Sex orgies became a part of you

Fornication will seem normal

I mean,its hard to abstain

The mentality of the youth of today

We speak as though the devil began scheming in the 19th century

Yet in the garden of Eden he was there

We prove to be sly than he who is sly in nature

Kiss the devil my dear

And bid Jesus bye bye

For God gave man free will

Choose today whom you may serve

If Baal is God serve him

If Yahweh is God then serve him

Kiss the devil

And you open your heart to a mob;of demons

Dont play in the devil's field

For he has power in his territory

My dear,

Don't kiss the devil

For he sucks the beauty inside you

When God created you,

It pleased Him

Don't sin against your own body

Seek God and He shall provide

We need love, grace, self control, kindness, faithfulness

For the lack of such pushes us to dine with the devil

The beauty with Jesus

Is there's no sin that shocks him

If you've fallen off

He cares and His blood redeems

All you need is to walk to the altar

He awaits us

God redeems and remembers our sin no more

Mkatiano na Shaito ishindwe!!!!

Cheap Copies....Dare to fly!!!

No-one knows yourself as you do

They say, power to be all you can be lies within you

Knowing oneself sets one apart from the crowd

It makes you know your potential and your limits

Some people cruise through life having not understood themeselves

They become 'puppets' of another

Blowing whichever way the wind blows

Becoming cheaper copies of their friends

Living someone elses life

If you do not live your life,who do expect will live it??

If you do not put your head above the waters,

You will never find your true self

People end up doing stuff all through their lives

Only to realise that never did they stand up for what they believed in

Or decide on their own matters of life and death

You've got to believe in yourself to make things happen

To move mountains, you've got to know how to move your own self first

I cannot trust a man who says I love you yet doesnt love himself

Dare to step out of the crowd

Be your own man!!!

Why lie with chicken when you can soar high?

Voice your values

Trust yourself

Never undermine the man in you

Choose your destiny wisely

For the power lies within you

You gotta trust yourself

Before God can entrust you with the world

I ask you again:

Why die a cheap copy when you were born an original?

Why try so hard to fit in other
peoples' world

When you were born to stand out??

Dare to be different

Dare to come out and be ye separate

Don't be afraid to shine your shine

The power lies in you!!!!

22 March, 2011

***Open heart

Today is just one of the days when my heart is faint

When a little encouragement will do me good

Or perhaps the listening ear of a friend

Or could it be just a hug of 'Bev its gonna be okay'??

Or do i need to face the facts head on

Maybe the tears will solve the mystery

Or solitude will open my mind to fathom beyond my obstacles

Im at the point whereby im saying 'Lord i need You not to push me,watch me or help me out....

But Lord carry me please.

Heaven i need a hug most definately

Im sure i aint the only one in such 'beautiful disasters'

It takes time to see the beauty in them

Trust me

I keep telling myself its gonna be fine

Only for things to get worse

I guess through all these i forgot something


Pray Until Something Happens

I need to present my heart and pain to God not man

For man has helped me reason

But God will bring forth healing and forgiveness

For i want to remember no more the afflictions of my heart.

Lord, i wanna pick up my mat and walk

Im tired of being crippled by this pain in my heart

Lord erase the pain in my heart and mind

Give me a new set of eyes

Transform my mind

Gladden my Spirit Lord

For I am tired Lord of being sick and tired

I wanna walk on water

Slay this Goliath

Calm this storm

This I decree and believe

Amen Abba Father

21 March, 2011

You are somebody's angel

I will smile instead of frowning

I will encourage even when I am in need of it myself

I will love even when hated

I will care even when despised

I will pray instead of wishing

I will bless instead cursing

I will teach instead of being silent

I will correct in love in truth instead of pampering

I will listen more that talk

I will offer a shoulder to lean on

I will be a good friend even to strangers

I will love even when it seems futile

i will believe in you

I will be with a friend in need when i would rather be somewhere else

I will serve than be a master

I will

For to me life, i find gratitude in such acts

For I may be somebody's rainbow through a storm

I may be somebody's pointer to the Cross

I may be someones angel through tough times

Leave a mark in somebody's life

Be little Jesus' to them

With such simple acts

You might just turn somebody's destiny 360 degrees to the right direction.

You are somebody's angel: Play your role excellently.

If only....NOT my story

If only

If only wishes were horses

Then a beggar like me would ride on and never look back

If only

If only I had the power to paint the sky with my thoughts

Then you would see the magnitude of my thoughts

If only

If only i had the strength to fight on

Then i would never have given up

If only i could comprehend the complexity in the simplicity of your actions

Then i would be on the right track

If only I would read your mind

Then i would have some sense of direction

If only my heart wavered

then I would be at the far east corner

If only i knew what next

I would be prepared to face it head on

If only a beggar like me was one step ahead

I would be miles off this earth

If only i would understand life

Then i would welcome all its troubles

If only i fathomed love

then it would be my shelter even when the storm rages

If only...

If only i knew the power of prayer

I would get on my knees everyday

if only i knew that there's a bigger plan in everything

If only I had the patience to wait

If only i had the courage to speak

If only i had the heart to give

If only...

If only...

If only I knew these things

I would not be buried 6 feet down with untapped potential

I missed life because I was waiting for the horses

Even beggars grasp at opportunities beyond their dreams.

If only....will not be my testimony

I will try, push hard for all that i believe and value and cherish.

I will push on for you

To me every wall is a door

My faith shall be my eyes

I believe in the sun even when its not shining

I believe in love even when I am alone

I believe in God even when He's silent

If only will not be my story

I will have my heart's desire someday!!!

Shake off

You are not a product of your past

Your past is your history

every one has a story behind their ministry

Their mess became a message

so quit listening to the enemy's voice

Look forward


Get your head above the waters

Rise above your circumstances

Don't build too low

Reach above the stars

Forget and forge on

Whatever we are overcoming

Nothing is impossible

forget the hangover days,

the days of molestation

the chips-fungas

the drugs we consumed

forget all that

flip a new page and forge on

let your past failures give you wings to fly

and not just fly....but soar up high

Let Jesus spin the wheel for you!!!

20 March, 2011

I almost.....But

I almost looked back

I almost lost it

I almost turned away from what i believed in

I almost fell of my destiny

I almost killed my Spirit

I almost ran dry

I almost......

But i did not

I tore that page of my book

Re-wrote my story

Re-tracked my life

Went back to the palace

Sat at Jesus feet

Wept,cried out

For i had sinned and fallen short of His glory

And Christ said:

''my child

I know life has been heavy on you

Wipe your tears

For you almost.....but you did not.

You are a new creature

I give you grace

Love in abundance

I empower you to face the demons of this world

To slay them in my name

To heal

To preach

To encourage

For your cup overfloweth

Forget your past Bev

You almost did......but you did not

You came back home

And your sins i will remember no more


Go and sin no more

Remember greater is He who is in You''

With those words....

My dear

forget your mistakes

Remember the wisdom earned

Forge on

For just like me

We almost did fall off

But we did not

He holds us.....trust me

Jesus is real....

I know my saviour, do you??

Beauty of pain

The beauty of pain in my life

Is that it has made me who I am

It gives me strength to push

It gives me wisdom for living

It teaches me never to put trust in man,

He's here today, gone tomorrow

It moulds my character

From ashes to beauty

From slavery to royalty

From pain to relief

From bondage to freedom

From tears to joy

The beauty of pain is unbelievable.

I will not forsake God due to the inflictions of this world

I will stand faithful

Wait on God

Like Job,

I will still look to Yahweh.

Of Friends!!!!

Of friends that courageously look into your eyes

And out of their mouths come lies

Lies that sting and burn your heart

Yet, they have no compassion

What happened to true friends

Who speak the truth even when it hurts??

Of friends like David and Jonathan

Moreso like two peas in a pod

Of friends who care, mind, protect and cherish friendship???

Not of those who wound your heart with a knife

Add salt to the wound

Of friends who lie to your face

Be careful for they might drink your blood as well

A friend sticks closer than a brother

Doesnt a friend loveth at all times??

Dont friends stick out for each other??

Choose your friends wisely

Lest you nurse a burning wound of the heart

Be a faithful friend

One who stands for another in a million ways

Love sincerely and genuinely

Correct with love

Earn the respect of a friend

But of those who rejoice in your blood


For wounds of the heart..do take time to heal!!!!

17 March, 2011

I choose Yahweh

May the words of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable to you Lord

For I choose You

I look to you only Jehovah

You are the king of my desire Lord

Never again will I stray away from your ways

I have found my comfort

For you stay true despite of who i have become Lord

I choose You

I am sorry for ever leaving your sight Lord

Take my word Lord that this time i wanna dwell in Your House Lord

I wanna be found faithfully in You

For i Choose You

I have chosen You Lord

Forever and Amen

Through valleys and winding roads

Through love and emptyness

Through providence and lack Lord

Whatever it takes Lord

Im praising you from the floor of my heart

Hold my hand Lord

I choose You Yahweh

I choose You King of Kings

May i find favor before you my King

Never again do i want to stray Lord

I choose You Lord

Forever and Amen

11 March, 2011

Looking back

In the quietness of my small campus room

In a serene, country surrounding

Far away from the rowdyness of hostel environment

On my bed

With smooth music as my companion

Resting my head on my comfy pillow at the top decker

With my eyes closed

I look back in the years passed in this campus

And i smile

I brighten up

I glow

For i have made longterm friends

I have met a family....Concert Family

I have had my share of fun

I have grown body and stature

I have found favor before God and man

The journey has been worth it

Looking back

Im glad to say.....

It was worth it

Though it was not smooth at all times

The tears made me stronger

The hussles made me confident

The different encounters gave me wisdom

My weaknesses reaffirmed who my strength was

My inadequacies led me to my Provider

As I look back

To God be the glory

For without God

I would have been another true story example...

A story with a moral lesson

I thank God for He's been holding my world.

I am truly blessd

The 3D kinda blessings!!!!


10 March, 2011

I wish you knew

You did not know

With you i found love

With you,

I felt at peace

With your presence

I knew i was safe

With your care

I knew i found favor to love again

You never knew

With you, i put my all

You never knew

You were the epic of my life

I wish you knew

You were loved wholeheartedly

I wish you knew your value

I wish you knew that God looked at His creation and He was pleased

I wish you knew that sometimes love is you

I wish i told you these when i could

But then again i dont wish so

For those wishes did not manifest for a purpose

I wish you knew you are not the epic anymore

I wish you knew you betrayed the trust

I wish you knew you took a page off my life

I wish you knew you ripped me apart

I wish you knew you stole my pride of life

I wish you knew , i wish you knew

But now.....these are just wishes.

Now,its time to publish my book

Rewrite the failed story

With the pen of life and the ink of love

Life doesnt end

God is able to heal my heart

If only i take all the broken pieces to Him

Life is screwed but God is the healer

He's able to show Himself strong

He will

Dont give up on love coz of one failed story....

There's a blessing in letting faith be your eyes.

*this is to all good boys/girls who were not just taken but taken for granted.

Lord teach me

Lord teach me

To turn the other cheek when im slapped hard

Teach me Lord

Not to live like the unwise, but wise and shrewd

Teach me Lord

To weep out to you father

Not to harbour anger and rage in my heart

show me Lord

To me meek and humble

To be kind and grateful

To love like you do

To forgive 77 times 7times

Teach me Father

That even when it hurts

To believe You still hold my life in your hands

Teach me Lord

That regardless of my circumstances You are still Lord and earth is your footstool

Teach me Lord

To let go of my past

The old has gone and the new has come

Teach me to forgive myself

In that way i travel light

Teach me to be joyful through the storm

For Your joy is my strength

Lord, your the master

Im Your vessel Lord

Teach me God.

09 March, 2011

Take my life

Take my hurts

Take my fears

Bottle my tears

Hold my troubles

Take my pain

Take it all Lord

My world is safe in Your arms

Take over Lord

Take over Father

Calm my Spirit

Calm my life

Clear my storms

Hush the waves of the sea

Speak to my life Daddy

Decree your word

Your word is Yes and Amen

Quieten the demons in my life

Hush my worries Lord

Clear the red sea for me

Send a chariot of fire Lord

Send your Spirit Lord

Flow in me

Flow over Lord

Take over Lord

All i want is You Lord

Till i am consumed by nothing else but you Father

Take over my all Lord

And heal my life Lord

08 March, 2011

Thank God

I woke up hurriedly, dashing out of bed

Quickly, I grab a shower

Hurriedly, I wouldn't miss that breakfast

And purposefully I head to run errands

In the day, I travel safely

I make business deals

Doors open

I catch up with old friends

I laugh, I enjoy my day

I walk from one point to another day safely

I have enough bus fare

Or sometimes fuel for the car engine on a good day

I make new friends

I even meet my future spouse

Evening comes

Fatigue sets in

I hack through the jammed roads

I arrive home safely

Home sweet home!!!!

I catch up on some news on TV

Perhaps even have a laugh on Churchill live if its Thursday

I dine

Freshen up

Call it a day

I enter my warm, cosy bed

Snuggle up and call it a day

Today is gone, tomorrow awaits

Yet not even did I give God one second of my time

He blessed me with good health

Opened doors for me

Paved the way for me

Gave me life

Fed me

Yet I felt I deserved it all

A servant turned master

One sec for God is too much

Yet 36hours of raving, ranting and indulging was not enough

Psalms 103 reminds me: bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not His benefits

I purpose to remember my God in my youth

Thank God....even for the second and chance you get to wink my friends.

He is the potter,

We are just but clay.