21 March, 2011

You are somebody's angel

I will smile instead of frowning

I will encourage even when I am in need of it myself

I will love even when hated

I will care even when despised

I will pray instead of wishing

I will bless instead cursing

I will teach instead of being silent

I will correct in love in truth instead of pampering

I will listen more that talk

I will offer a shoulder to lean on

I will be a good friend even to strangers

I will love even when it seems futile

i will believe in you

I will be with a friend in need when i would rather be somewhere else

I will serve than be a master

I will

For to me life, i find gratitude in such acts

For I may be somebody's rainbow through a storm

I may be somebody's pointer to the Cross

I may be someones angel through tough times

Leave a mark in somebody's life

Be little Jesus' to them

With such simple acts

You might just turn somebody's destiny 360 degrees to the right direction.

You are somebody's angel: Play your role excellently.

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