04 April, 2012

A Hurt Heart :-( :-(


We scroll our contact lists to give you a buzz, then we cancel the call

We send texts to your line, only to realise that the texts are permanently pending and eventually FAILED is the result we get

We write on your Facebook wall, then we realise there is never gonna be a wall-to-wall conversation

We post pics of you and wait for you to diss them

But all we have is long, loud silence.

We see you in our lives,

We dream of you,

We remember the good, old days

Just like the other day.

But it is never the same.

The pain never subsides,

The smiles never shine on our faces

The vibes are never the same

The vacuum left is larger than words could suffice.

There are days I flip through your Fb pics just to block reality and feel that you are near

That this reality is just but a dream,

I keep wishing that this is a serious prank

That one day we would joke about it

But my wishes, are horses that beggars never ride

Your kababes misses you greatly

Some things we will never understand

Its been 1 month, 11 days since you left

But the pain is fresher Wachira Waithaka

The sting of death, only we can tell of the pain

We miss you

Lord, carry us

Comfort our hearts

Cause what the devil meant for harm to be a blessing

To be a chance to value life, relationships

Above all, to realise, life of man is like that of a flower

We are planted, we nourish and someday we are uprooted

Rest well Wachira aka Bunjee. Rest well.

Comfort us dear Lord

Strengthen us

Above all redeem our hearts, save our hearts

Carry us in your arms Lord.

Heaven knows we sure need a hug

Thanks Bunjee for always being family! Wepukhulu, we baptised you :-(

*Tough times for us. Pray with us.

Remember to .....
If blog posts could speak, this post would wail word after word.

God bless,



  1. The Lord give you peace...It is tough..i can only imagine...But the Lord is Near...Praying For you...

  2. Deeply moving and depressingly appropriate.

  3. Bev the gap left seems to big. Take solace in God, He comforts those who mourn

  4. we miss him too but Gods plan wil stil prevail.

  5. No words could have said it better... sleep well love! U are missed dearly.. This brought tears..


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