02 April, 2012

Life in my Lenses

Morning people,

April it is. We are now on the second quarter of the year 2012. Not by our strength or might, but by the grace of God that we have come thus far.

Were it not for His grace, where would we be. If you are able to read this without any effort, take a second and thank HE who watched over you day and night. He who never slumbered as we slept without doubt that we would definitely see the next day.

If you planned an activity, a hook-up, a meeting, a wedding, a birthday and lived to see its fruition, take a moment too, for some planned and ended up not seeing the dawn of such plans.

Did you escape this?

Did you come close to this, or passed by a road, and several hours later see this in the dailies?

What am I saying?

Can you breathe?

Can you eat at least one meal?

Can you see the sunrise and the sunset every day?

Can you feel the scorch of the sun?

Can you afford bus fare?

Can you load airtime on your mobile phone?

Can you tweet, Facebook?

Can you smile?

Can you walk?

Can you breathe effortlessly?

Do you have to go for chemotherapy sessions every week?

Are you nursing a wound from a tragic road accident or fire burns?

#Enough said.

Well, we still ask whether God exists. He does. For by His mercies and grace we live. By His will, our curtains may close anytime after this full stop.

Be encouraged, to count your blessings and push on.

*Inspired by Baby Malaika's story

We often take for granted, the very things that most deserve our gratitude.

Have a magnificent and gracious month!


  1. Thanking God Now, tomorrow and forever!!
    Nice article!!

  2. What a way to start the month: appreciating God's grace and His uncommon favor!


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