20 June, 2011

AGAG!!!! Spare him not!!!!

Good morning!!! Its yet another day to rejoice and conquer cities by the power of the Holy Spirit. Well, each blog has its piece of wisdom by God's grace. Today's word is one that needs you my reader to read carefully, refer to your Bible and definitely apply it in our daily living. I want to share something I learned:)

Let me take you back to the time when the Israelites were still in the desert on their way to the promised land under the authority of Moses. It was the first time after Egypt that the Israelites were engaging themselves to war against the famous Amalekites. Exodus 17:8-16 records that as long as Moses hands were held high up, Israelites kept winning in this battle. But when Moses grew tired and he let down his hands, then the Amalekites conquered. However, when all was said and done, the Israelites emerged victorious.

Now take note of verse 14 of the above scripture. God told Moses to write this down as a memorial, as evidence in future. The Lord swore to utterly blot out the remembrance of the Amalekites from under heaven You can imagine when the creator says blot out!!!He means exactly that. He is not man that He should lie. When you flip the pages of your Bible to Deuteronomy 25:17-19 it is recorded that the Lord promised the Israelites that when they shall find rest, that is, when they have their land of inheritance the Lord shall give them the power to BLOT OUT THE AMALEKITES!!!

Now this background is important to understand the doings of God as per the power of God's words!!!

Then guess what!!! The era of Moses ends, the era of Joshua begins. His ends too and God takes us through the story of Ruth and Naomi...remember that one in which Boaz becomes part of the royal lineage ....the genealogy of Christ. Imagine in all this, nothing like Amalekite vibe is buzzing around the Israelites. Then comes the era of Samuel and Saul. Saul is Israel's first King!!(background checks very important)

Jehovah instructed Samuel to instruct King Saul to go attack the Amalekites and utterly destroy all that they have. Nothing was to be spared be it man, woman, infant,ox or what not. 1 Samuel 15

So Saul prepared for war, gathered his men and set out to conquer the Amalekites. Then guess what??!!! Saul destroyed the people. But not as to detail as the Lord wanted. When an army commander gives an order, it is followed to the latter without question or reservations. But Saul so it fit to spare King Agag of the Amalekite people and also reserved the best fat lambs oxen and other animals. He chose to destroy everything that was worthless but he spared all that was good Well, human nature is prone to do exactly this you know.

However, God was pissed at Saul for not adhering to the orders and instructions given unto him. Saul justified himself by claiming that all the best fattened animals that he did not slay he meant to sacrifice to the God of Israel.

This sounded like a viable excuse(i mean put yourself into Saul's shoes{perhaps sandals is more appropriate to this era} for a second.)I like the Lord's response and I quote: Has the Lord a great delight in burnt offerings than in obeying His voice??Behold, it is better to OBEY that to SACRIFICE, and to HEED than the FAT OF RAMS. for REBELLION IS AS SIN OF WITCHCRAFT,STUBBORNNESS IS AS INIQUITY AND IDOLATRY.

Whoa!!!!pause!!!digest that for a second!!!Heavy words I must say. God equates rebellion to witchcraft. To God, disobedience is that serious. One would think after such heavy words, Saul would repent in sack cloth, fast and pray....and voila!!! God says: Okay Saul...I have heard your cry and your forgiven. BUT NO, GOD DID NOT!!! In fact, He went on to inform Saul that because he rejected His word, God has rejected him as king!!! I kid you not, because of disobedience that was the end of Saul's reign and the birth of David's reign....

Saul failed to blot out the amalekites by preserving King Agag!!! A promise that God had promised Moses was to be fulfilled by Saul but he...well....underperformed so to say. Eventually, Saul died by the sword of the Amalekites.

Now bear with me to where I am heading, my point is nigh. During the reign of king Xerxes in the Book of Esther, Haman was a threat to the existence of Jews yet he was the 2nd most powerful man in the kingdom politically. Now, Haman was an Amalekite, a descendant of King Agag that Saul failed to destroy.Haman was determined to kill the Jews in the land.

<< Breathe....digest.....>>

The destiny of the Amalekites was to end with Saul but it did not due to disobedience. The consequence of this disobedience is that Queen Esther had to face the very thing her ancestor Saul could have handled. In addition it was even an amalekite who eventually killed Saul.

My dear, SPARE NOT YOUR KING AGAG!!!! God may be instructing you to deal with your weaknesses or your strongholds right now. Face them head on. Stop sparing Agag or he will plot to kill you later on. Heed his voice for He already conquered your agag on the cross. The promise is there, all God wants us is to Slay agag and his entire village. You must deal with your enemy now or else your children will face the same struggles and demons that you ran away from. The enemy always has the stamina to hit back and to bounce back. That's why God instructs as to blot them out. It is that serious. let's not joke with the devil in his market place, he will eventually consume us to death.

In this whole teaching,it is wise for us to note that what we don't eradicate when we are strong, will come back to us when we are weak. i just wanted to encourage somebody that it is better to be found on the goodside of God's books than to be blacklisted. When God speaks, we hearken to His voice. Where we entertain an agag, don't think twice!!!SLAY AGAG. SPARE NOT HIS LINEAGE. BLOT HIM OUT OF EXISTENCE THAT YOU MAY OBTAIN FAVOR BEFORE GOD AND FIND DELIGHT IN YOUR DESTINY

#I hope you are encouraged, and you've had a chance to open your Bible and learn scriptures that are full of life:)

be blessed and remember.....no more Amalekites, we are totally BLOTTING THEM OUT:)

12 June, 2011

Lessons learnt

I have regrets in my life....too many I must say

Some are still in the closet,

Struggling to have a peek outside

There are chances I threw away

There are mistakes I have made....grave ones I'm afraid to speak of

There are signs I chose not to see on life's road

There are some roads I never should have followed

Some journeys I never should have embarked on

I know!!! Well, then I did not

But now, I see...I know

There are hearts I have hurt

Some I have murdered for lack of a better word

Wish some things would have gone unsaid

Wish I would write some of my pages all over again

Or some white wash would do..

No!!!I think those pages need to be shredded

Some starts should have had a better ending

Pages have been turned

Bridges have been burnt

But lessons have been learned through all this

I am grateful for every blonde moment in my life

For every mistake I have made

For every stray word I have let loose

For every tear I have shed

For every failure with my name tag

For every disappointment I have caused

For every heart I have grieved

For I have learned through all this

I am now polished and refined from my past

I have moved on past the regrets

For lessons have been learnt

Through the lessons

I am changing my 'future history' so to speak

I am writing lovelier encounters that bring me joy

I am creating a beautiful life portfolio

For lessons have been learnt.

quit looking back Pick the lessons, forge ahead

11 June, 2011


He woke up and ran the world

He conquered the roads with his arrogance on his newly acquired range rover sport

Rainy as the day was

He gave the pedestrians the wash of their lives

They in-turn gave him the worst of their words

He got to his workplace

And the terror in the eyes of the employees was evident

His arrogance ruled the air

His words were unforgettable

For he did not speak in the common man's language

He hurled, howled, barked at the people

Invisible scars he created

He flashed his blackberry around

He only picked the calls that mattered to him

The affluent, the business partners

Only such were the V.I.P's...very important persons

I like to call them the very insignificant persons as far as life is concerned

Well, to him, money is life!!!

In time, his friends got tired of the devil in him

Even his mother warned him of such pride

But his head was too big for the world

His pocket too sumptuous for the Nairobi ladies

And he ruled the city

Ruled the hearts of women, at least through the sheets only

He despised the 'lowly' and trampled on them

He had the fans, never the friends

This reminded me of the Psalmist's prayer

Who asked God not to make him poor that he may steal from others

Or too rich that he may forget his God

Well, in this life

Give man power and riches

You will know his true colors

Pause and stop

Pause and think

think about your character

Is your neighbor, your university friends or your colleagues your fellow humans

Or are they your pets

Unworthy of respect

Is that woman or lady your rebound or when you call her 'love' you understand the meaning of love

When you text her baby, send her pics

Do you pause and think

When you get your paycheck do you care to give God his dues

the 10% tithe

Or is that the miscellaneous budget allocation??

When you drive your Prado, your Vitz, or you work on your 'feetstubishi"

Do you mind those you pass by??

Do you ever pause and play

When you get that job you've earnestly prayed for

Do you remember He who blessed you??

Do we ever pause??

We are ever on play backs

We need to pause, think then play on our life systems

For whatever we do

It will catch up with us with time

God resists the proud

At times i think we are thinking materially,

The houses, the money, the women, the men, the cars, the recognition

You name it

The end justifies the means

Yet I am speaking the spiritual, the eternal

Character worth His presence

The world offers shadows that we want to catch

Yet when the light is turned on, the shadows vanish

Remember character is much easier kept than recovered



Then Play.....

This is to all the graduates who are beginning new lives. Learn all you can and be leaders of integrity, be faithful friends, be best fathers and mothers and be exemplary wives and husbands. Don't make stories and headlines in blogs, in the media, or in sermons the wrong way!!!Be your own unforgettable legend despite the evils of this age!!!

09 June, 2011

He Go Go

I woke up very early with a dance in my heart and the faith of ten thousands of men. Yesterday is gone, today has come. You'd better rejoice in the blessing of today and forget the troubles of yesterday.

Remember the God of Joshua who led the Israelite into victory against the Jebusites, Hittites, Amorites and Perizites and all the -ites...He is the same God today. He will grant you victory over your Jebusites. They may seem victorious but the battle is not yours its the Lord.

Remember the Lord on the cross who said it is finished...well, He meant exactly that. Deafen your ears to the devil who reminds of your weakness and forge on with confidence for you have obtained mercy and found favor.

Remember the God of Esther, who took a mere Jew before King Xerxes...well, your favor will take you before kings. Your anointing will fulfill His purpose.

Remember Joseph,no one will stop your dream. Your dream will be your destiny. They may not see the "dream you", you'll hurt but stand firm. He who began the good work in you will bring it to completion.

The God of Ruth and Naomi. He will link you to people of purpose and connect you in miraculous ways that people will say his God is a God of His word!!!!

Remember the God of Abraham, He will do the extraordinary and He will be faithful to the latter. Stay faithful to Him only.

Remember David. His God looked at his heart and not his outward. He made him king, granted Him success and even when he failed and repented earnestly His God listened.

Remember the God of Elijah, of Zechariah, of Hannah.....Read your Bible to know the power of your King!! Dine with Him over a meal of His word, a cup of prayer and an aroma of worship.

So my dear, this song gave me energy and syke and reminded me that I am much more. He go go butter me bread, sugar me tea, clothe my body, shelter my head and so much more!!! You have the King of kings in you, live like royalty. If the princes and the princess of this world know how to speak like kings, walk like queens.....How much more should we of eternal royalty live??

Swag like a daughter and a son of the Most High. Reign, rule and take over cities. Doesn't the Lord give wealth to His people?? If you are an employee, be an exemplary one. Be a quintessential employer, an ideal intern, a meritorious lover, an admirable parent, a true to form and type kind of friend and a praiseworthy human being!!!

Have a first class royal day my dear!!!

03 June, 2011


The old men say: kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see

A donkey has no gratitude

Well since I ain't any donkey

I wish to relay my heartfelt sincere gratitude to all the followers of this blog

To all those who take time to read my thoughts

Make an extra effort to locate a computer since their phones can't access this

Pay an extra cent to surf and read my writings

Go out of their way to link this blog on Facebook or twitter

Or even forward this to a friend's e-mail

For all those who believe in me and encourage me to keep writing

For the lives blessed, I thank God

He's my thoughts, my brain

So all this words here, ain't me its Jesus

So as I mark my 6months of serious blogging

And 116 posts to that :-)

With 131 comments from various followers

2608 page views!!!! WHOA!!!!

I am humbled, greatly

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" goes an African saying

This means a person is a person because of other people

I am who I am today because of you my reader

Your devotion pushes me to greater limits

Whoever does not thank for little will not thank for much

I would love to thank you from the bottom of my heart

But then again for such priceless readers,

My heart has no bottom

For You Lord, I can't stop thanking you each day

Because of You, I am.

No duty is more urgent than this to me

My dear reader

thank you very much, gracias, merci beacoup, kongoi kapsaa, nasima sana sana,asante,

cheers, poa poa!!!

Shakespeare taught me well and I will echo his words:

I can no other answer make, but, thanks and thanks

God will hem your blessings for taking time to grace my blog with your presence.


I love each and every one of you.

Empty Rich Vessels!!!

The richness in sermons today

The profoundness of the wisdom in songs

The investment of churches in Bible studies

The concerts, the worship extravaganzas

The overnight keshas, the sleepovers

The mentorship ministries

You name it

We have wisdom in social networks, inform of updates, links and notes

We have blogs,

You can even Google sermons as per your need

Its the technology age!!!

We are always in a field of gold or near one

Yet the scarcity of growth in us, the youth is wanting

I am not talking to high schoolers

I'm referring to people in the age bracket of 20- 26

I'm talking about me and you

The stunted growth in us is wanting

We have eyes, but never see

We have ears, but never listen

We are the pharisees of today

The ones Jesus preached against

Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge acquired" Pastor Julian

The Bible clearly depicts that the fear of the Lord....IS THE BEGINNING OF KNOWLEDGE: Proverbs 1:7

My people perish due to lack of knowledge.

To have knowledge, is to fear God

Not knowledge based on human intellect that is limited

Knowledge from the source, the all-knowing God

To apply such knowledge , demands wisdom

God says: Let Him who lacks wisdom ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him James !:5

We can have all the sermons, all the blogs like this one, all the updates etc etc

But unless we ask for wisdom such knowledge is useless

We will be like the seeds Jesus spoke of:Matthew 13

We are like the seeds on the path that the birds ate

Or those on rocky ground without much soil..

We spring and we seem promising only to wither due to shallow foundations

Some of us are seeds among thorns

We grow but soon we are choked by the hype of life, the flow of the current

But he who asks God for wisdom and applies such in knowledge as He fears the Lord shall be seed in good soil.

Jesus said that such seed shall produce 100,60 or 30 times what has been sown

Though we see, we do not see

Though we hear, we neither hear nor understand

We are ever hearing, never understanding

Ever seeing, never perceiving

Our hearts are numb to the things of God

let's take a moment and pause

Not in the company of our friends

Just alone in your room

Think about our lives and think about our Creator

If my people called by my Name shall humble themselves.....read that 2Chronicles 7:14

That's all it takes

Humility.....prayer and seek His face

Turn away from our wickedness and He promised to hear us from heaven, to forgive us and heal our land

Unless we drop it, God can't pick it

I like to say God never forces, its a free will relationship

Unless we kneel before the King of Kings in humility

Lay our weights before Him

We listen in vain

All this reading is vanity!!!

Put your struggles before the King

Lay our pride aside

And watch Him beautifully reconstruct our temple

let Him rebuild our walls

Lets be a remnant for Christ in this 21st Century

Drop our baggage at the throne of grace

God will lift you up and make you whole.

Where are the remnants willing to be counted???

Think about this!!

02 June, 2011


Maybe its in my naivety that I don't question much

Maybe its my innocence that's mistaken for ignorance

Maybe its my good intentions taken for a ride

Maybe its the cruelty of your heart that enjoys my 'mistaken identity'

Maybe its the lack of a heart

Or maybe its the business of collecting hearts

Of killing the life in live hearts

Hearts full of life and love

For after all its ego satisfaction

Its the obsession of the mere thrill, the game, the play

He forgets there's more to the game than ego satisfaction

He forgets heart games are not like bubblegum play songs

That we can sing to everyday

Or like 'katii' that we dodge in and out of

Wish it was like 'brikicho' a game of hide and seek

Its the deep hurts, cuts and bruises on the heart

Causing grave cuts that will be great scars

Reminding me that maybe

Just maybe

If I had spoken up

Maybe he wouldn't have cut me loose

He wouldn't have slit my throat

In public domain I stood

With the world cheering and jeering

Strange faces...


Familiar eyes

Familiar faces

Familiar fingers

Joining in to suffocate my last bit of life to death


Just maybe

Perhaps its a serial kill

I'm not the first to be flushed down this 'toilet'

But I will not watch her...

Or her...or even her

Be flushed too

In the words of number 8:

'the stray darts we throw, break hearts and cause grave hurts, yet we still want an applause for our labor as though it is May 1st!!!'

This pain cannot be hushed

How I pray that ladies hold onto whats strong and true

There's more to the game than ego satisfaction

Hearts are involved

Just maybe men will quite living a day at a time and see that they are repercussions of the stray darts

Women, quit gaming with hearts

In that way...

Maybe someday all this pain will be flushed!!!!

Ps: I am tired of all the numb hearts around simply because of the pain they bear. I'm speaking for both the boy child and the girl-child. When God entrusts a heart to you, take good care of it for it is not you that gives life so why kill the life in another's heart..We lust for the next best ass, the next best highly paid guy....LUST!!!! kill the lust, heal the heart......QUIT IT!!! one day somebody's child will play with your child's heart and crash it...then you'll know...lets be mindful please honorable men and women!!!

Think through the repercussions of your actions!!!