11 June, 2011


He woke up and ran the world

He conquered the roads with his arrogance on his newly acquired range rover sport

Rainy as the day was

He gave the pedestrians the wash of their lives

They in-turn gave him the worst of their words

He got to his workplace

And the terror in the eyes of the employees was evident

His arrogance ruled the air

His words were unforgettable

For he did not speak in the common man's language

He hurled, howled, barked at the people

Invisible scars he created

He flashed his blackberry around

He only picked the calls that mattered to him

The affluent, the business partners

Only such were the V.I.P's...very important persons

I like to call them the very insignificant persons as far as life is concerned

Well, to him, money is life!!!

In time, his friends got tired of the devil in him

Even his mother warned him of such pride

But his head was too big for the world

His pocket too sumptuous for the Nairobi ladies

And he ruled the city

Ruled the hearts of women, at least through the sheets only

He despised the 'lowly' and trampled on them

He had the fans, never the friends

This reminded me of the Psalmist's prayer

Who asked God not to make him poor that he may steal from others

Or too rich that he may forget his God

Well, in this life

Give man power and riches

You will know his true colors

Pause and stop

Pause and think

think about your character

Is your neighbor, your university friends or your colleagues your fellow humans

Or are they your pets

Unworthy of respect

Is that woman or lady your rebound or when you call her 'love' you understand the meaning of love

When you text her baby, send her pics

Do you pause and think

When you get your paycheck do you care to give God his dues

the 10% tithe

Or is that the miscellaneous budget allocation??

When you drive your Prado, your Vitz, or you work on your 'feetstubishi"

Do you mind those you pass by??

Do you ever pause and play

When you get that job you've earnestly prayed for

Do you remember He who blessed you??

Do we ever pause??

We are ever on play backs

We need to pause, think then play on our life systems

For whatever we do

It will catch up with us with time

God resists the proud

At times i think we are thinking materially,

The houses, the money, the women, the men, the cars, the recognition

You name it

The end justifies the means

Yet I am speaking the spiritual, the eternal

Character worth His presence

The world offers shadows that we want to catch

Yet when the light is turned on, the shadows vanish

Remember character is much easier kept than recovered



Then Play.....

This is to all the graduates who are beginning new lives. Learn all you can and be leaders of integrity, be faithful friends, be best fathers and mothers and be exemplary wives and husbands. Don't make stories and headlines in blogs, in the media, or in sermons the wrong way!!!Be your own unforgettable legend despite the evils of this age!!!


  1. I am yet a graduate but ofcourse i got to pause n play..

  2. jagdee...:))


    Lets make Daddy happy

  3. I wrote this in pain but healing came.thank u Lord


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