12 June, 2011

Lessons learnt

I have regrets in my life....too many I must say

Some are still in the closet,

Struggling to have a peek outside

There are chances I threw away

There are mistakes I have made....grave ones I'm afraid to speak of

There are signs I chose not to see on life's road

There are some roads I never should have followed

Some journeys I never should have embarked on

I know!!! Well, then I did not

But now, I see...I know

There are hearts I have hurt

Some I have murdered for lack of a better word

Wish some things would have gone unsaid

Wish I would write some of my pages all over again

Or some white wash would do..

No!!!I think those pages need to be shredded

Some starts should have had a better ending

Pages have been turned

Bridges have been burnt

But lessons have been learned through all this

I am grateful for every blonde moment in my life

For every mistake I have made

For every stray word I have let loose

For every tear I have shed

For every failure with my name tag

For every disappointment I have caused

For every heart I have grieved

For I have learned through all this

I am now polished and refined from my past

I have moved on past the regrets

For lessons have been learnt

Through the lessons

I am changing my 'future history' so to speak

I am writing lovelier encounters that bring me joy

I am creating a beautiful life portfolio

For lessons have been learnt.

quit looking back Pick the lessons, forge ahead


  1. Always amazing; INspiring!!!

  2. To the most High Kip!!im jst a vessel...thank you

  3. WOW,this is DEEP and INSPIRING:-)
    Bev, Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves-that is regret for the past and fear of the future.Jeremy Camp in his song Healing Hand of God sings...So if life's journey, Has you weary and afraid.There's rest in the shadow of his wings.......If you feel the weight of many trials,And burdens from this world, There's freedom in the shelter of the Lord".
    My daily mantra for the trials and tough times i embrace and have already gone through has always been "Forget regret,or life is yours to miss".Our God neva fails us,n he can neva give us battles that we cant win,:-).
    May the good lord our God continue blessing the lovely work of you hands Beverly.
    BARIKIWA my Friend


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