20 June, 2011

AGAG!!!! Spare him not!!!!

Good morning!!! Its yet another day to rejoice and conquer cities by the power of the Holy Spirit. Well, each blog has its piece of wisdom by God's grace. Today's word is one that needs you my reader to read carefully, refer to your Bible and definitely apply it in our daily living. I want to share something I learned:)

Let me take you back to the time when the Israelites were still in the desert on their way to the promised land under the authority of Moses. It was the first time after Egypt that the Israelites were engaging themselves to war against the famous Amalekites. Exodus 17:8-16 records that as long as Moses hands were held high up, Israelites kept winning in this battle. But when Moses grew tired and he let down his hands, then the Amalekites conquered. However, when all was said and done, the Israelites emerged victorious.

Now take note of verse 14 of the above scripture. God told Moses to write this down as a memorial, as evidence in future. The Lord swore to utterly blot out the remembrance of the Amalekites from under heaven You can imagine when the creator says blot out!!!He means exactly that. He is not man that He should lie. When you flip the pages of your Bible to Deuteronomy 25:17-19 it is recorded that the Lord promised the Israelites that when they shall find rest, that is, when they have their land of inheritance the Lord shall give them the power to BLOT OUT THE AMALEKITES!!!

Now this background is important to understand the doings of God as per the power of God's words!!!

Then guess what!!! The era of Moses ends, the era of Joshua begins. His ends too and God takes us through the story of Ruth and Naomi...remember that one in which Boaz becomes part of the royal lineage ....the genealogy of Christ. Imagine in all this, nothing like Amalekite vibe is buzzing around the Israelites. Then comes the era of Samuel and Saul. Saul is Israel's first King!!(background checks very important)

Jehovah instructed Samuel to instruct King Saul to go attack the Amalekites and utterly destroy all that they have. Nothing was to be spared be it man, woman, infant,ox or what not. 1 Samuel 15

So Saul prepared for war, gathered his men and set out to conquer the Amalekites. Then guess what??!!! Saul destroyed the people. But not as to detail as the Lord wanted. When an army commander gives an order, it is followed to the latter without question or reservations. But Saul so it fit to spare King Agag of the Amalekite people and also reserved the best fat lambs oxen and other animals. He chose to destroy everything that was worthless but he spared all that was good Well, human nature is prone to do exactly this you know.

However, God was pissed at Saul for not adhering to the orders and instructions given unto him. Saul justified himself by claiming that all the best fattened animals that he did not slay he meant to sacrifice to the God of Israel.

This sounded like a viable excuse(i mean put yourself into Saul's shoes{perhaps sandals is more appropriate to this era} for a second.)I like the Lord's response and I quote: Has the Lord a great delight in burnt offerings than in obeying His voice??Behold, it is better to OBEY that to SACRIFICE, and to HEED than the FAT OF RAMS. for REBELLION IS AS SIN OF WITCHCRAFT,STUBBORNNESS IS AS INIQUITY AND IDOLATRY.

Whoa!!!!pause!!!digest that for a second!!!Heavy words I must say. God equates rebellion to witchcraft. To God, disobedience is that serious. One would think after such heavy words, Saul would repent in sack cloth, fast and pray....and voila!!! God says: Okay Saul...I have heard your cry and your forgiven. BUT NO, GOD DID NOT!!! In fact, He went on to inform Saul that because he rejected His word, God has rejected him as king!!! I kid you not, because of disobedience that was the end of Saul's reign and the birth of David's reign....

Saul failed to blot out the amalekites by preserving King Agag!!! A promise that God had promised Moses was to be fulfilled by Saul but he...well....underperformed so to say. Eventually, Saul died by the sword of the Amalekites.

Now bear with me to where I am heading, my point is nigh. During the reign of king Xerxes in the Book of Esther, Haman was a threat to the existence of Jews yet he was the 2nd most powerful man in the kingdom politically. Now, Haman was an Amalekite, a descendant of King Agag that Saul failed to destroy.Haman was determined to kill the Jews in the land.

<< Breathe....digest.....>>

The destiny of the Amalekites was to end with Saul but it did not due to disobedience. The consequence of this disobedience is that Queen Esther had to face the very thing her ancestor Saul could have handled. In addition it was even an amalekite who eventually killed Saul.

My dear, SPARE NOT YOUR KING AGAG!!!! God may be instructing you to deal with your weaknesses or your strongholds right now. Face them head on. Stop sparing Agag or he will plot to kill you later on. Heed his voice for He already conquered your agag on the cross. The promise is there, all God wants us is to Slay agag and his entire village. You must deal with your enemy now or else your children will face the same struggles and demons that you ran away from. The enemy always has the stamina to hit back and to bounce back. That's why God instructs as to blot them out. It is that serious. let's not joke with the devil in his market place, he will eventually consume us to death.

In this whole teaching,it is wise for us to note that what we don't eradicate when we are strong, will come back to us when we are weak. i just wanted to encourage somebody that it is better to be found on the goodside of God's books than to be blacklisted. When God speaks, we hearken to His voice. Where we entertain an agag, don't think twice!!!SLAY AGAG. SPARE NOT HIS LINEAGE. BLOT HIM OUT OF EXISTENCE THAT YOU MAY OBTAIN FAVOR BEFORE GOD AND FIND DELIGHT IN YOUR DESTINY

#I hope you are encouraged, and you've had a chance to open your Bible and learn scriptures that are full of life:)

be blessed and remember.....no more Amalekites, we are totally BLOTTING THEM OUT:)


  1. Slay Agag..Thanks Bev..never been more encouraged to rip off my weaknesses..God Bless u..keep on sharing his word!keep on sharing His Word!

  2. thank u too dear...:) ima do tht....kip slaying them and ul be conquering cities like Joshua:)

  3. Carrole MweberryJune 27, 2011 5:26 pm

    Wow !!!! That waz really something,am glad the point sunk in very well. Obedience is important. Lets blot them out totally and completely!


  4. WOW!!!Am at awe of agape!Wow Beverly!This piece is encouraging,and very inspiring especially to me:-)thank you.FYI let me draw you to,Deuteronomy 4:24 NIV which says that "for the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God". Saul shouldav not gone against Gods will,he shouldnt av spared AGAG,n lest spare himself the wrath of GOD.Our god is patient,compassionate,gracious,forgiving,merciful,abounding in love and faithful and it is upon us pay due diligence to him and serve him with all our heart,mind and soul. We need slay our AGAG's inorder to fulfill our purpose on earth.My interpretion of SLAYING AGAG is that,as children of God,we need to slay hatred,anger,jealousy,promiscuity,hypocrisy,gossip among other bad attributes and live our lives according to Gods will.And for us to realise this we need to know the word of God,obey and honour him at all times in our lives. M moved by your article,keep doing Gods work,stay blessed always dear.
    Kind Regards,

  5. Wow! Truly inspiring Bev, you bless me everytime i read ur blog.
    I'm slaying Agag!!!

  6. great!!! very inspiring.

    I'd read the verses before but hadn't obtained this kind of revelation.....
    It has helped me analyze my life and in the process I've identified not one, but several Agag's that I had spared...you can be sure they're all slain now!

    May God continue to inspire as you continue to be an inspiration to many.


  7. ann susan..thats the spirit gal...I'ma do that and keep the walk dear

    carol dear....thank you.im proud of u hun....lets walk together:) nd kip the gd fight

    Val mkhana:) thank you for the support.I thank God.bless you dear:)

    Okande.....thank you so much...that's exactly what we need...obedience is better than sacrifice anytday anytym.bless you


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