25 May, 2013

If He Did It Before

So I came across Tye Tribbet's song If He Did It Before....Same God at a time when I was wondering Lord, is this my Red Sea?

Will My Moses part the Red Sea for me?

Can I still walk on water or will my faith be faint?

Lord, are you still the same God who depleted the Egyptians during the plague season?

But How do I relate to the manna season Lord and I know not what manna is?

How do I relate to the 10 plagues?

How do I see that the same God of David, Moses and Abraham is my God?

God reminded me that I do not have to see manna to believe there is a God.

I do not have to walk on water for me to believe that He exists.

He opened my eyes to the simplest truths..

If He did it before, He will do it again.

For it is the same God right now, the same God of the patriarchs.

The same God who carried me through Campus successfully

Is the same who shall open doors like no other right now

The same God who provides for me, He has done so for 25 years now

Is the same God who will provide my school fees

He is the same God who has set me apart to be peculiar; not of this earth

He is the same God who will give me the strength to be strong and be counted as faithful

Situations change, problems may be magnified

But He is the same God

I know He can do great and mighty things

So I will not sit down and quit

I will not look back in despair less I turn into a pillar of salt

I know my portion.

I will not give up now, I know He will come through for me.

I will face my Goliath with my little stones and a sling like David did,

My dry bones shall arise,

My storm shall be still

Hush devil hush!

Before your very own eyes,

I know He can do it again.

So be encouraged...God never lies...

We have been through worse and we did not come thus far to put a smile on the devil's face.

We are more than conquerors,

If only we believe in the greater name who is in us.

The name is Jesus.

12 May, 2013

Sweep me away

Sweep me away Lord

Sweep me away in your arms Lord where nothing else matters

For I cannot go on like this

My heart longs for Your presence

Your sweet embrace and your peace that just overflows

Sweep me away Lord

Remind me Lord of who I am in this confusion

Carry me up Lord

Just me and You Lord

Up the mountain

That I may dine with you

That I may sit with you on my Nimbus cloud

That I may shed a tear from sky, no one will ever know Lord

Carry me Lord and sweep me away Lord

For I want to drown in your love Lord

I want to swim in Your care Father

I want to bask in your glory Lord

Sweep me away Lord

Away from myself

For I am my own devil Lord

Just you and me Lord

Just you and me

Erase my unworthiness

Forget my errors Lord

Cover me with your grace

That I may be beautiful before your sight Lord

Sweep me Lord

Just me and You.

I am beautiful when I am at His Feet. :-)