13 October, 2014

Love Me...Know Me

Dear Bev,

I walk over the earth. Searching for one to call my own

I am not in the wind my dear,

Neither am I on the streets

I am the Still voice when you are all alone

Naked and ashamed

I am the hush voice begging you to let go

I am the one who holds you tight

Searching for You

Longing for you to hear me

All i need is for you to Love me

To do so with your whole heart

To serve me, with your all life

To seek me, with your everything

To let go of the altars you have created

To forget the distance between the altar and the door

That though it tarry, it is coming

I cry out in the silence

Longing for you to give it all to me

Love me with your all

Crush the gods that have created a kingdom in your life

Call upon my Helper to fight the battles for you.

When were these battles fought by blood and sweat and won?

My Child,

Be still and know that I stand for you.

I love you,

Even before you were born

I loved you with my tears, with my sweat

With my blood, with my life

That you may live Bev

Hold on, Hold on.