02 July, 2013

I Want to Find Him Again

I want to find Him again

For I lost Him a midst this rat race of life

Between the hassles of the workplace and the crazy traffics on our roads

I need to find Him again

For I traded our quiet times with the noisy corridors of the streets

I have traded the bonding sessions with the never ending coffee dates

I have forgotten what it means to be captured by Your love

I have abandoned the sweetness of your presence with the pressures of life.

I want to find Him again

For I belonged to Him and Him alone.

For His love I cannot explain.

How did I slip away from the love of my ife

The One who loved me unconditionally

The One who never traded my quiet times with Him any day, anytime

The One who would wrap me in His arms and reassure me its going to be alright

The One who gave Himself for me on the cross

Even when He left Earth, He never left me alone

He sent me a Helper, a friend

I want to find Him again

For to Him I belong.

I want to sit in the park in His presence; so sweet, so peaceful

I want to have coffee with Him in the quietness of His presence

For does He not butter my bread and sugar my tea?

I want to hug Him every morning and evening

I want to appreciate Him more

For He never sleeps nor slumbers on me

I want to find the lover of my soul

For I am nothing without Him.

I am only like grass; my glory is like flowers in the fields

Like grass, I wither

Like a flower, I fall.

Teach me your ways O Lord

That I may find you again.

That I may walk in your knowledge

That I may dwell in Your presence

That I may know You in truth and in Spirit.

I want to find you again Lord

I am tired of being directed to You.

I want to Find You Jesus.

Where will I find You Lord?

Not a midst men!

In Your Word, in prayer, in true worship I will find You Lord.

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