19 August, 2013

Take it from here Lord

Oh My! Oh My!

These are those times that you wish this post had a voice over

For sometimes words needs to carry the heaviness of the heart

Words need to capture the heart

They need to go beyond the computer's screen

Connect to the reader and his heart

For out of the wellness of the heart, lies life's decisions.

We have tried so hard to get there

There are times we have gotten close to 'there'

And even when we got there, we wondered is this there?

For the heart could not find the fulfilment of there

We have to reach a point where we tell God, kindly take it from here

Take it from me Lord.

Jesus take the wheel

I cannot take it anymore

He knows best and He holds our world together

So I quit trying

Trying so hard to be my own God

To be man and to be creator at the same time

I choose to stick to my jurisdiction.

Lord, take it from here

I want to be man

So I let you be God.


  1. very wonderful piece.
    I quit trying too.
    Let God be Lord!
    Keep writing gal!
    you are welcome to visit my blog at rockingtherunway.blogspot.com

  2. thank you dear. :-) Thank you for appreciating my wrings. I bless God. let me check out

  3. Nice piece dear, keep them coming!

  4. Hmmm...nice Piece dear, keep them coming!


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