26 August, 2013

Meet me at the Well

I am waiting for you my dear

Waiting for you to come

To come to the place of life in its abundance

I have watched you take up rough roads,

Carry heavy burdens

Get confused at cross roads

Sometimes, you have doubted the power in you

I have called you.....come meet me...

But the conversations of life have swallowed my whisper in the wind

The louder i called unto you, the louder the music of life became

I have seen you sweat on my behalf

I have seen you moving mountains on my behalf

Child, let me be God and let you be man

So meet me at the well

Drink the living water

Where there is life in its fullness

Meet me at the well,

Jew or Gentile, Sinner or saint, man or women

I created them all.

Come meet me at the well Child

I want to carry your burden.

For I did not take in the whips at the cross,

So that you can carry the world on your head.

Let me be Your God

Meet me at the well.



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