15 June, 2012

When will the sun shine?

It is exactly one month one day since I last sat down to type my thoughts here

A time of mixed emotions

Few times of happy moments

Alot of pain and heart ache

Wondering will the sun ever shine again?

Will the darkness keep thickening?

Will the tears ever dry?

Will the sun ever shine in the east?

Will the dusk never fall??

Will it??

Today my cousin would have walked down the aisle with the love of her love Wachira

Hadn't the Lord not called him to rest four months ago?!!!

We are enveloped in sadness

Taken aback in disbelief

Wrapped in sorrow

Marked by sadness

Torn in despair

Will the sun ever shine??

Will this season tire of the darkness

And for just one moment

Lord, could we have a little sunshine in our hearts Lord!

This I pray,


Ps: This is not written out of lack of faith. Joy comes in the morning and I believe one day it will. This, like David, is the outcry of my heart! I am fixing my eyes unto Jesus, for He bottles my tears....I know He does.