12 May, 2013

Sweep me away

Sweep me away Lord

Sweep me away in your arms Lord where nothing else matters

For I cannot go on like this

My heart longs for Your presence

Your sweet embrace and your peace that just overflows

Sweep me away Lord

Remind me Lord of who I am in this confusion

Carry me up Lord

Just me and You Lord

Up the mountain

That I may dine with you

That I may sit with you on my Nimbus cloud

That I may shed a tear from sky, no one will ever know Lord

Carry me Lord and sweep me away Lord

For I want to drown in your love Lord

I want to swim in Your care Father

I want to bask in your glory Lord

Sweep me away Lord

Away from myself

For I am my own devil Lord

Just you and me Lord

Just you and me

Erase my unworthiness

Forget my errors Lord

Cover me with your grace

That I may be beautiful before your sight Lord

Sweep me Lord

Just me and You.

I am beautiful when I am at His Feet. :-)


  1. Nyambura OdhiamboMay 14, 2013 3:05 pm

    Lovely and deeply inspiring!


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