02 June, 2011


Maybe its in my naivety that I don't question much

Maybe its my innocence that's mistaken for ignorance

Maybe its my good intentions taken for a ride

Maybe its the cruelty of your heart that enjoys my 'mistaken identity'

Maybe its the lack of a heart

Or maybe its the business of collecting hearts

Of killing the life in live hearts

Hearts full of life and love

For after all its ego satisfaction

Its the obsession of the mere thrill, the game, the play

He forgets there's more to the game than ego satisfaction

He forgets heart games are not like bubblegum play songs

That we can sing to everyday

Or like 'katii' that we dodge in and out of

Wish it was like 'brikicho' a game of hide and seek

Its the deep hurts, cuts and bruises on the heart

Causing grave cuts that will be great scars

Reminding me that maybe

Just maybe

If I had spoken up

Maybe he wouldn't have cut me loose

He wouldn't have slit my throat

In public domain I stood

With the world cheering and jeering

Strange faces...


Familiar eyes

Familiar faces

Familiar fingers

Joining in to suffocate my last bit of life to death


Just maybe

Perhaps its a serial kill

I'm not the first to be flushed down this 'toilet'

But I will not watch her...

Or her...or even her

Be flushed too

In the words of number 8:

'the stray darts we throw, break hearts and cause grave hurts, yet we still want an applause for our labor as though it is May 1st!!!'

This pain cannot be hushed

How I pray that ladies hold onto whats strong and true

There's more to the game than ego satisfaction

Hearts are involved

Just maybe men will quite living a day at a time and see that they are repercussions of the stray darts

Women, quit gaming with hearts

In that way...

Maybe someday all this pain will be flushed!!!!

Ps: I am tired of all the numb hearts around simply because of the pain they bear. I'm speaking for both the boy child and the girl-child. When God entrusts a heart to you, take good care of it for it is not you that gives life so why kill the life in another's heart..We lust for the next best ass, the next best highly paid guy....LUST!!!! kill the lust, heal the heart......QUIT IT!!! one day somebody's child will play with your child's heart and crash it...then you'll know...lets be mindful please honorable men and women!!!

Think through the repercussions of your actions!!!

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