03 June, 2011

Empty Rich Vessels!!!

The richness in sermons today

The profoundness of the wisdom in songs

The investment of churches in Bible studies

The concerts, the worship extravaganzas

The overnight keshas, the sleepovers

The mentorship ministries

You name it

We have wisdom in social networks, inform of updates, links and notes

We have blogs,

You can even Google sermons as per your need

Its the technology age!!!

We are always in a field of gold or near one

Yet the scarcity of growth in us, the youth is wanting

I am not talking to high schoolers

I'm referring to people in the age bracket of 20- 26

I'm talking about me and you

The stunted growth in us is wanting

We have eyes, but never see

We have ears, but never listen

We are the pharisees of today

The ones Jesus preached against

Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge acquired" Pastor Julian

The Bible clearly depicts that the fear of the Lord....IS THE BEGINNING OF KNOWLEDGE: Proverbs 1:7

My people perish due to lack of knowledge.

To have knowledge, is to fear God

Not knowledge based on human intellect that is limited

Knowledge from the source, the all-knowing God

To apply such knowledge , demands wisdom

God says: Let Him who lacks wisdom ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him James !:5

We can have all the sermons, all the blogs like this one, all the updates etc etc

But unless we ask for wisdom such knowledge is useless

We will be like the seeds Jesus spoke of:Matthew 13

We are like the seeds on the path that the birds ate

Or those on rocky ground without much soil..

We spring and we seem promising only to wither due to shallow foundations

Some of us are seeds among thorns

We grow but soon we are choked by the hype of life, the flow of the current

But he who asks God for wisdom and applies such in knowledge as He fears the Lord shall be seed in good soil.

Jesus said that such seed shall produce 100,60 or 30 times what has been sown

Though we see, we do not see

Though we hear, we neither hear nor understand

We are ever hearing, never understanding

Ever seeing, never perceiving

Our hearts are numb to the things of God

let's take a moment and pause

Not in the company of our friends

Just alone in your room

Think about our lives and think about our Creator

If my people called by my Name shall humble themselves.....read that 2Chronicles 7:14

That's all it takes

Humility.....prayer and seek His face

Turn away from our wickedness and He promised to hear us from heaven, to forgive us and heal our land

Unless we drop it, God can't pick it

I like to say God never forces, its a free will relationship

Unless we kneel before the King of Kings in humility

Lay our weights before Him

We listen in vain

All this reading is vanity!!!

Put your struggles before the King

Lay our pride aside

And watch Him beautifully reconstruct our temple

let Him rebuild our walls

Lets be a remnant for Christ in this 21st Century

Drop our baggage at the throne of grace

God will lift you up and make you whole.

Where are the remnants willing to be counted???

Think about this!!

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