12 March, 2012


Faith Faith Faith!!!

Faith that can move mountains

Faith as small as a mustard seed is still faith


Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

It is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see!!!Hebrews 11:1

Without faith, it is impossible to please God

This week, please God and put a smile on the King of Kings

And watch the King

Shift continents for you

Dry the rivers for you

Favour You before kings you know not

Watch Him slay the Egyptians pursuing you

Watch Him provide for you!!!

With Faith, you touch the Master's heart!!!

You melt His heart

What more would please a son than to see His Father delighted in him??

By the power of the Holy Spirit,

Where two or three agree in His name on earth, so it is in Heaven

Let us declare and decree

That this week we shall venture out by faith

Not by our might and power , but through His spirit

And with just a sling and pebble stones

Goliath shall come down with a thud

All to the glory and honour of His name

In Jesus name I do pray


You've got to have a baby's faith to understand a Father's might :)


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