22 April, 2012

25! Its a Silver Jubilee :)

Oh! You guessed it right. I mark a quarter a century today, the silver year of life. Well, it depends on how much of an optimism, or not, you are when you look at life! Either way, I am a proud 25 year old lady and very proud of my age. Yes, ageing is inevitable (ha ha at 25, what will my mum say?).

In the words of James Garfield, "If wrinkles be written on our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old." My spirit feels 16, my body is 25.  

On serious matters, thus far, it has been, it is and it will keep being the Lord's doing!! I live by faith and not by sight, I do not live in ignorance or in arrogance, I do not live by the standards of the celebs of this age. I am sustained by God and of God. This life has taught me some great deals and lessons. So here are my 25s: lessons of all time. Hope they will bless, encourage and inspire someone :)

  • Whose report shall I believe?? #MyGreatestLesson. Only the Lord's, the rest is grapevine people.
  • No matter what, family is family, whether they disappoint or they live up to your expectation. They can never be traded!
  • There are battles I have to face and fight on my own, for how else will I learn?? Don't baby eagles learn the hard way??
  • My life is an open book. Some pick gems from it, while others burn it up page after page.
  • Remember short breaks in primary school?? Life requires you to take short breaks and just breathe, feel the sun, like an update on FaceBook and just have a hearty chit-chat. It's never that serious (courtesy of @bwangila)
  • Inspiring music heals the soul, soothes the heart. You should try gospel music.....ministers to your soul.
  • Lies do not end relationships! The truth usually does that. Check your Bible, the truth sets people free. Lies bind us in chains that gets us mistaken to be Canaan. You are in Egypt if you living a lie.Trust me, I have been there.
  • Life takes time, I mean so far its taken me 24 years. Only God knows how long my life will take so I will make every second count.
  • My health, my wealth. Take good care of your physical health. Some people are dying to have good health.
  • The truth is without Photoshop!
  • Always be thankful and say so!
  • The days I ran around naked in the spirit are the days the devil is like "checkmate!!"
  • We have to lead people to more than Sunday morning services! (still on this one Lord)
  • Sometimes I am wrong, I make errors. Yes, I do and I do need to say sorry.
  • I have the right to pack up and go, or better still tell you to pack up and leave. I cannot live in a suffocating relationship just because!
  • I cannot do everything, there are tasks I take up, and there are some I decline and it does not make me any lesser of a person. It's just wisdom :-)
  • Invest in real friendships, it is the cushion of life.
  • Do not awaken love until it so desires (Yes I said it #tough)
  • I am first a believer, then the rest! No debate in this.
  • The good wife! my latest addiction in the list of series. Life is like a legal suite. We are always in the defense or the prosecution. We are always objecting motions, some get sustained and others get over-ruled.
  • Seasons change, friendships end, bad relationships die. Just never be caught off-guard in the spirit, know the times. 
  • My profession is my passion.
  • Be diligent in the little.
  • Know the Word, the devil knows it too you know.
  • Smile when your angry! It gives the tongue a chance to rest and say the right words.
These are my 25s of all times. 24+bonus :-) 24 was great, with a few unexpected occurrences. Those around me made all the difference. Thank you to God, my family, my friends, my readers, my colleagues, my church family and everyone who took time to make 24 memorable. At 24, I found grace, love, hope, strength and passion for life.

Here's to a new year, a new season, another chance for me to do His will.

It all belongs to you Lord.

Amen :-)


  1. My favourite
    "Do not awaken love until it so desires"
    Happy silver jubilee
    be blessed:)

  2. thank you anonymous:) blessings

  3. The truth is without Photoshop!
    Cant wait for Season four of The Good Wife
    blessed year gal..

  4. Hehehe! Happy (belated) birthday. Just the words of William Durant: "Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget about everything except what you're going to do now - and do it."



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