22 March, 2011

***Open heart

Today is just one of the days when my heart is faint

When a little encouragement will do me good

Or perhaps the listening ear of a friend

Or could it be just a hug of 'Bev its gonna be okay'??

Or do i need to face the facts head on

Maybe the tears will solve the mystery

Or solitude will open my mind to fathom beyond my obstacles

Im at the point whereby im saying 'Lord i need You not to push me,watch me or help me out....

But Lord carry me please.

Heaven i need a hug most definately

Im sure i aint the only one in such 'beautiful disasters'

It takes time to see the beauty in them

Trust me

I keep telling myself its gonna be fine

Only for things to get worse

I guess through all these i forgot something


Pray Until Something Happens

I need to present my heart and pain to God not man

For man has helped me reason

But God will bring forth healing and forgiveness

For i want to remember no more the afflictions of my heart.

Lord, i wanna pick up my mat and walk

Im tired of being crippled by this pain in my heart

Lord erase the pain in my heart and mind

Give me a new set of eyes

Transform my mind

Gladden my Spirit Lord

For I am tired Lord of being sick and tired

I wanna walk on water

Slay this Goliath

Calm this storm

This I decree and believe

Amen Abba Father

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