24 March, 2011

Cheap Copies....Dare to fly!!!

No-one knows yourself as you do

They say, power to be all you can be lies within you

Knowing oneself sets one apart from the crowd

It makes you know your potential and your limits

Some people cruise through life having not understood themeselves

They become 'puppets' of another

Blowing whichever way the wind blows

Becoming cheaper copies of their friends

Living someone elses life

If you do not live your life,who do expect will live it??

If you do not put your head above the waters,

You will never find your true self

People end up doing stuff all through their lives

Only to realise that never did they stand up for what they believed in

Or decide on their own matters of life and death

You've got to believe in yourself to make things happen

To move mountains, you've got to know how to move your own self first

I cannot trust a man who says I love you yet doesnt love himself

Dare to step out of the crowd

Be your own man!!!

Why lie with chicken when you can soar high?

Voice your values

Trust yourself

Never undermine the man in you

Choose your destiny wisely

For the power lies within you

You gotta trust yourself

Before God can entrust you with the world

I ask you again:

Why die a cheap copy when you were born an original?

Why try so hard to fit in other
peoples' world

When you were born to stand out??

Dare to be different

Dare to come out and be ye separate

Don't be afraid to shine your shine

The power lies in you!!!!

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