24 March, 2011

When you kiss the devil...

When you flirt with the Devil

Entice his ways

When you kiss the devil

Arouse his desires

When you beckon him seductively

When you whisper his name

Knowingly or unknowingly

The devil finds his way in your heart and life

When you kiss the devil

You take up a part of him

It could be his language

His talk is foul,obscene,sexual

He gossips,he slanders

Without apology ofcourse

For it is his profession

To steal,kill and destroy

Keep kissing the devil

And soon you find no guilt in evil

You delight in flirting,arousal,masturbation

Sex orgies became a part of you

Fornication will seem normal

I mean,its hard to abstain

The mentality of the youth of today

We speak as though the devil began scheming in the 19th century

Yet in the garden of Eden he was there

We prove to be sly than he who is sly in nature

Kiss the devil my dear

And bid Jesus bye bye

For God gave man free will

Choose today whom you may serve

If Baal is God serve him

If Yahweh is God then serve him

Kiss the devil

And you open your heart to a mob;of demons

Dont play in the devil's field

For he has power in his territory

My dear,

Don't kiss the devil

For he sucks the beauty inside you

When God created you,

It pleased Him

Don't sin against your own body

Seek God and He shall provide

We need love, grace, self control, kindness, faithfulness

For the lack of such pushes us to dine with the devil

The beauty with Jesus

Is there's no sin that shocks him

If you've fallen off

He cares and His blood redeems

All you need is to walk to the altar

He awaits us

God redeems and remembers our sin no more

Mkatiano na Shaito ishindwe!!!!

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