21 March, 2011

If only....NOT my story

If only

If only wishes were horses

Then a beggar like me would ride on and never look back

If only

If only I had the power to paint the sky with my thoughts

Then you would see the magnitude of my thoughts

If only

If only i had the strength to fight on

Then i would never have given up

If only i could comprehend the complexity in the simplicity of your actions

Then i would be on the right track

If only I would read your mind

Then i would have some sense of direction

If only my heart wavered

then I would be at the far east corner

If only i knew what next

I would be prepared to face it head on

If only a beggar like me was one step ahead

I would be miles off this earth

If only i would understand life

Then i would welcome all its troubles

If only i fathomed love

then it would be my shelter even when the storm rages

If only...

If only i knew the power of prayer

I would get on my knees everyday

if only i knew that there's a bigger plan in everything

If only I had the patience to wait

If only i had the courage to speak

If only i had the heart to give

If only...

If only...

If only I knew these things

I would not be buried 6 feet down with untapped potential

I missed life because I was waiting for the horses

Even beggars grasp at opportunities beyond their dreams.

If only....will not be my testimony

I will try, push hard for all that i believe and value and cherish.

I will push on for you

To me every wall is a door

My faith shall be my eyes

I believe in the sun even when its not shining

I believe in love even when I am alone

I believe in God even when He's silent

If only will not be my story

I will have my heart's desire someday!!!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    I will never cease to say it.....Ur gifted, and may God continue to use the words you speak to inspire many...Much luv.

  2. Amen mum....thank u so much...ima kip blogging:) God akubless sana.
    Mad love


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