17 March, 2011

I choose Yahweh

May the words of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable to you Lord

For I choose You

I look to you only Jehovah

You are the king of my desire Lord

Never again will I stray away from your ways

I have found my comfort

For you stay true despite of who i have become Lord

I choose You

I am sorry for ever leaving your sight Lord

Take my word Lord that this time i wanna dwell in Your House Lord

I wanna be found faithfully in You

For i Choose You

I have chosen You Lord

Forever and Amen

Through valleys and winding roads

Through love and emptyness

Through providence and lack Lord

Whatever it takes Lord

Im praising you from the floor of my heart

Hold my hand Lord

I choose You Yahweh

I choose You King of Kings

May i find favor before you my King

Never again do i want to stray Lord

I choose You Lord

Forever and Amen

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