11 March, 2011

Looking back

In the quietness of my small campus room

In a serene, country surrounding

Far away from the rowdyness of hostel environment

On my bed

With smooth music as my companion

Resting my head on my comfy pillow at the top decker

With my eyes closed

I look back in the years passed in this campus

And i smile

I brighten up

I glow

For i have made longterm friends

I have met a family....Concert Family

I have had my share of fun

I have grown body and stature

I have found favor before God and man

The journey has been worth it

Looking back

Im glad to say.....

It was worth it

Though it was not smooth at all times

The tears made me stronger

The hussles made me confident

The different encounters gave me wisdom

My weaknesses reaffirmed who my strength was

My inadequacies led me to my Provider

As I look back

To God be the glory

For without God

I would have been another true story example...

A story with a moral lesson

I thank God for He's been holding my world.

I am truly blessd

The 3D kinda blessings!!!!


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