20 March, 2011

Of Friends!!!!

Of friends that courageously look into your eyes

And out of their mouths come lies

Lies that sting and burn your heart

Yet, they have no compassion

What happened to true friends

Who speak the truth even when it hurts??

Of friends like David and Jonathan

Moreso like two peas in a pod

Of friends who care, mind, protect and cherish friendship???

Not of those who wound your heart with a knife

Add salt to the wound

Of friends who lie to your face

Be careful for they might drink your blood as well

A friend sticks closer than a brother

Doesnt a friend loveth at all times??

Dont friends stick out for each other??

Choose your friends wisely

Lest you nurse a burning wound of the heart

Be a faithful friend

One who stands for another in a million ways

Love sincerely and genuinely

Correct with love

Earn the respect of a friend

But of those who rejoice in your blood


For wounds of the heart..do take time to heal!!!!


  1. of frnds who bkam lovers!may frndshp remain even wen love fails...

  2. True tht....bt its true friendshp nt fake ones that stand the test of time.


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