29 March, 2011

The little grown things: The visibly inconspicous

They were little

They were inconspicous

They were negligible

They were the little things

''I ain't going to church'' he spoke one day

And sure enough he missed the sunday sermon

I mean he was busy,

You know unfinished businesses that pop up on sunday mornings

Or excess fatigue or criticisms against the church

Lets not be spiritual on this

We've been there

He drank some wine

Soon wine became normal

Then came the alcohol

One beer a day

I mean it helps him relax

The ignorable little things

She said:''this world is full of crap!!!!''

If you cant beat them, you've gotta join them

She's beautiful and she knows it

Life is short, she's gotta have fun

She begins raving once in a whyle

The ravist who wont consume alcohol

Sooner or later, her wardrobe seems too conservative

She's gotta show some cleavage

Some hips,

Boobs must be conspicous

A low rider kinda jeans with a sexy thong


Back to him,

A man's ego cant bow down to another man's

His ego has to conquer

And he sure conquered the women

From the high class, to the shy, the noisy even the good girls turned bad

He is the man.....or atleast in his eyes

Sooner or later....all this becomes a lifestyle

It becomes their way of life

Little things grown big

The humble hearts that knew God

Turned their back from Him

Tasted the world and never looked back

We ignored the little things

Such habits dont start in a day

Even Rome wasnt built in a day

These habits were visibly inconspicous

But who cared enough??

The flesh grew stronger than the spirit man

For how else will the spirit man grow

If the only food on the menu is alcohol,sex, sprees etc etc

Feed the flesh and it grows

The fleshly desires will mature

From being baby desires to untrainable teenagers and before you know it they are adults:old, rugged and unchangeable

These are what we call strongholds

Then we begin to wonder and say:

The things i want to do i dont do..

Those that i dont wanna do i end up doing

All because of little things

The visibly inconspicous

No-one was born an alcoholic, a sex addict, a commercial sex worker

An orgies addict. A wife beater, a player or even a chips funga


God looked at what He created and it pleased Him

He knew us even before we were in our mothers wombs

Lets not be ignorant of the devil in us

It all begins with a thought

The power to act begims in your mind

feed your spirit on His word and you'll wander no more

If men can train dogs...mere animals

Then why is it rocket science to train the mind to focus on worthy acts

Its amnazing how much money we spend to woe a girl

But on matters of God

We term stuff as complicated or impossible

I challenge myself and you

Beware of baby evils before they overpower you and become strongholds

The little things in this life

Make the big stuff of our lives

A person's spiritual condition

Determines the quality of life he lives

Guard your spiritual man

Lest your flesh(read as the devil) becomes the ruler of your life


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