03 April, 2011

Unmerited Favor

Favour is not fair

Grace is unmerited favour

Sometimes we notice the blessings of the day

There are time we've ignored the hand of God

The fact that we walk on two feet

Can see the beauty of the day,the sky,the rainbow

The fact that we can hear the sound of birds

We have brains to think

The willpower to choose a path of life

A chance to serve in different positions

Friends to make life worth it

A chance to be educated

It is grace that your loved

How many are rejected in this world??

It is grace that you have basic needs


Not the grace of parents,friends or people in high places

But the grace and mercies of God.

Be grateful

Appreciate everything

Complain less

Do not misuse the blessings you have

Do not be proud as if you deserve them

For the Lord upholds the humble

Remember He who blesses you

Before the day ends

Or dawn comes

Thank God for undeserving love

This undeserving love we enjoy

Is the unmerited favour

Courtesy of the Lord God Almighty.


  1. 4sure we are atimes 2busy complaining bout our problems that we don't see the blessings that lay within us.Bev,that u can inspire pipo with ua blog .....it's grace!!!

  2. True tht gal...im humbled by th fact tht my blog blesses sb out thea dear.


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