04 April, 2011

Fan the flame

Every step of the journey I fight
When I have the pride of a lion, I fight
When I am weak....I still fight with the little strength I have
When I crumble down,
I gather myself up and fight
When my temple lies in ruins yet its the House of The Trinity,
like dead bones in the Valley of dry bones
God's Spirit breathes life in me
I am not perfect, oh I am a sinner
A sinner in need of the cleansing blood of Jesus
Just like you reading this,
But I never give up
I never gave the Devil a chance to market himself
Not by my strength but by His Spirit
I brag not of myself....mere man
I am a trademark of Heaven
I decrease while the Lord increases in me
Therefore, I will not tire...I will forge on this walk with my eyes on the Prize
For this walk is not of those who shrink back and are destroyed but of those who believe and are saved
Has Bev been tempted to the point of death??NO!!!
Every temptation I go through is common to man
Have you been ashamed through the city...flogged while carrying a heavy cross and crucified???I DON'T THINK SO
Have you been in a den of lions like Daniel, Meshack and Abednego??I DOUBT
So count it all joy and forge on through your troubles, and through your weaknesses
That you may glorify Your Father in Heaven
Greater is He in You
Watch the midnight oil....pray..keep guard that He may find us standing in faith
For no one knows the hour the Lord will come....like a thief in the night...
Take your full tithe, not in part, to the storehouse...
Don't the scripture say...that He will open the floodgates if you do so....taste and see His goodness
Do good, for a scroll of remembrance exists
Forgive, don't let the sun go down in your anger
Honor the Lord in your Youth
Scriptures say, it is God's will that we be sanctified
Avoid any sexual immorality, control your body desires
Let there be no hint of sexual immorality...
That is how serious God takes holiness
Lay aside all sin that easily snares and entangles us
My dears, we all have dark pages in our life book
Yes we do!!!!
But there is a greater calling
We are marked to make a mark
We can be living testimonies...salt and light of the earth
Only if we fight on !!!!
Fight on with and in Christ
The 1st step of the battle is when you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth!!!!
this is what we call SALVATION
Make a choice
Pick up your mat and walk in the light
If you are saved, forge on!!!
A righteous man falls 7times but he gets up  my dear
I can get up....You can get up!!!!
Fan the flame of Christ.....don't be ashamed to know the Son of Man

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