04 April, 2011

You hurt me....But im letting go

You may not know
but u hurt me
i have been bitter
been angry at the whole world
i am full of bile
for all the pain
the heartache
the damage
the tears
the nightmares
the agonizing pain
the silent screams in my heart
the life on stage
the life i have staged
live on stage
coz i didnt have the courage
to cover my shame
and walk past the shadow of shame
yes....i have been hurt
yes....i have hurt
yes i am hurting
but im letting go
of the baggage
of the weight
of the bitter bile
i am turning my wounds into wisdom
my scars into stars
i am forgetting the cloudy days
i am remembering the day the sun shone on me...
i am forgetting the things that i cannot change
i am remembering the things i learnt from such.
i am learning how to let go
.....learning how to smile through it all.


  1. Thats hw it shud be hun nakufl,falling out love is hard,falling 4 betrayal worse.broken trust n broken hearts I knw....btw check out impossible by shontelle

  2. Ima chek it out dear....yep...it hurts more than any1 knows..bt hey....theaz hope...i know tht:)


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