08 April, 2011

Is it too late??

Is it too late to write this?

Is it too late to open my heart?

Is it too late to look back and wish i would turn back the arms of time?

Is it too late to reveal my heart's desires?

Is it too late to let you know this?

Will it be wise to do it now?

For i held back for so long!!!!

Is my fear of loving so strong as to deny my heart the joy and bliss it longs for??

Will i sound mad, perhaps a fool?

Will the world define my heart?

For what the heart adores,

It never lets go off

So pardon my heart

For being too late

For listening to the environmental noises

For letting fear hide its real feelings

For holding back for too long

I hope its not too late to say

You are my heart's desire!!!!

With that:

My heart can rest in peace.

Yours truly,

Troubled heart.

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