08 April, 2011

Honestly Lord...

I want to be honest with You Lord

For if I am not honest with you, I live in deceit

For you knew me even before I was formed in my mother's womb

Lord you predestined my path even before time began

You wove me and you saw i was beautiful

Lord you sacrificed your Son for me

For my sins even before i sinned

You loved me even when the world saw me as a clot of blood

Lord....I want to live worth of my calling

I want to gain favour before man and before you Lord

I want to be faithful even when my flesh is weak Lord

Lord, i want to have faith that can move mountains

I want to walk on waters Lord, without my faith wavering

Daddy I want to keep my eyes on You only

Jesus, i want to turn water into wine

Father, I want to command the lame to pick up their mats and walk

Father, can i touch your garment....

For i have been in this state for way to long

My heavenly Father...

The storms are raging high

The egyptians are not giving up on me

Day and night they wage war on me

Father, with your Word can i part the Red sea??

Father before my enemies

Show yourself strong

Father this battle has never been mine

The battle belongs to the King of Kings

A thousand will fall at my right hand side Lord

Jesus, you are my fortress

My refuge in times of peace.

Holy Spirit, you are my best companion

My helper in this world

You promised to be with me till the end of the age

Father, I am just being real

Being raw and uncut

I am tired of faithless living

Acting like there is no God

Undermining the power of the Almighty


I am sick of conforming to this generation

I wanna be a Caleb and a Joshua

Taking over cities by faith

I wanna be Abraham

Trusting you even when the odds are un ignorable

I wanna be a John the Baptist

Proclaiming your word even when no-one listens

Lord make me a Joseph,

An exemplary leader who understands the value of sexual purity

Father, make me like Esther

Bold yet relies on you Lord through prayer and fasting

Father mould in me Ruth


I wanna be your friend

Unashamed of going to church and bible studies

Remind me of your love and grace at the cross

But also remind me of your wrath

That i may be careful how i live

That I may honour you with my words

May my words be acceptable before you Lord

May my thoughts be pure, lovely,praiseworthy,noble

May my body be a living sacrifice Lord

Lord, with you

Life in purity, genuine service, true unconditional love is possible

Father, i need you to be all that i dream of

I need you to be my teacher

Here I am Lord

Instruct my life

I wanna shine your shine Daddy

Thought I would share this Lord

Your Child,

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