12 April, 2011

Does She ever??....Does He?

Does she ever

Take a minute and pause

See the world through her mother's eyes

Through her tears

Does he ever

Reconsider his actions

Knowing it will hurt, tear and reap somebody out there??

Does she take a minute

Before closing that door with a man she knows not

And reconsider what she is binding herself to??

Does he pause that drink

And wonder that he could be spending the only cent his father had?

The sweat of his daddy's brows he misuses in alcohol

Before, she lets go of her most priced possessions

Does she ever remember her dreams as a child??

Did she turn up as she dreamed

Or her whole life seems to be a dream to her??

He finds comfort in being carried by the wind

Never standing on his ground like a man

Never making his daddy proud

Campus happened we like to say

So now she will dress like a slut

Speak trash

As she never considers the results

Her siblings look up to her

But with time they grow past her

He was the hope of the family

but now he hopelessly drinks around the village

Did he ever pause to think??

Did she ever reconsider??

It sounds absurd being in campus and not having pleasure

Pleasure in women, in men, in weed, in alcohol

But pause and think

Think about the struggles that your parents underwent to bring you here

If not, at least your mum's prayers should not fall on tough dry grounds

And if not, then let your siblings find a model in you

Outlive yourself

Choose wisely

Show me your friends and definitely I can sketch you up

Do you ever pause and think

There's a long term effect to our habits

In the long run brother, you've got to decide

Stand on your own two feet

Ju ni wewe tu unaelewa unakotoka

Girl, carry yourself with all the dignity and respect

I don't wanna have kids look me in the eye and say:

"mama, ain't I glad i dint turn out to be like you!!!!"

The choices we make

Form the lives we live tomorrow.

##I am thinking aloud because it is painful to watch treasures of this world die with so much treasure and potential in them. It Sucks!!!!


  1. OK seriously Bev,
    That book of poems....i will definitely buy for my home......
    Kama unataka mtu wa kuku pressure...am definitely here.....And i will push....

  2. awwww mum:) thank you....work in progress inakam my dear...glory to God my dear....i will kip writing.

  3. great just awesomely great..!!


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