13 April, 2011

The music in my heart

Listen to the words of my heart

A melody I cant complete

Listen to the beat of my heart

Dance to my music

For my heart is musical

Join me at the dance floor

Groove to my beat

The heart has chosen

Picked to share th floor with you

Will you dance with me?

Sooth my heart

Take my hand

Dance with me

My heart has chosen you

You to love and to hold

You to cherish through thick and thin

To walk with through this life

I wanna dance with you through this life

And when the music stops

I want to sit by you in silence

When it gets hard

I want to cry and pray with you

I wanna be one with you

Bear your name

Be the mother of your children

Listen to my heart

I wanna be the wife of your youth to your old age

Will you dance to the tune in my heart love?


  1. Bev.....whoever this is to, he's one lucky guy!!!!
    Dude,ebu dance wid her like yesterday:)

  2. i love the piece!!! dance to your groove.... eeey? niiiiiiiiiiice!

  3. thanx tito...ths piece is definately chasing th wind!!!:-)


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