13 April, 2011

Food for my soul*

I have just been thinking about life

Life does have a way of short changing us sometimes

The criteria for whose favoured by this life or not, lies in the heavens

Sometimes you need to be tired

Sometimes its important to surrender

Surrendering is a form of defeat

But not when the fight is not worth it

Some blessings are found in letting go

I have reached that point

Im not struggling anymore at some things

I mean im not in the business of trying to save the world

So im cutting off some slack

On those relations that are draining

Instead of fulfilling

Tired of being your angel

Its time i showed some care to the needy

The proud are too busy to notice these acts of love

I need to rejuvenate

Or else the arrogance of your words

Will kill me

The stubborness of your heart is annoying

The betrayal kiss pierces my heart like a sword

I need me a vacation in the splendor of heaven

Find me at my Master's feet

For my feet wont accompany you to evil no more

My heart wont cry for you no more

Someday you'll realize that all i ever did was because of God

For my main duty on this earth is to serve Him

The rest is extra-curricular.

So my soul wont weep no more for love thats not fulfilling

I crave not for hypocritical friendships

I miss not the days of crime

My eye is on the prize

Join the race

Follow Christ

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