17 April, 2011

When you need to hear Him!!!

Sometimes I think the devil tries too much.But then again, he is within his job mandate. Of late, I seem to be encountering a lot of trouble in my life. A lot of stuff is happening within me and let’s just say the devil is trying too much.

So I sat alone in my lone time and tried to speak to the heavens. I took the verse ‘come lets reason together’ practically. So I spoke to my maker, because He understands me so well than I do.

After the whining and the endless grumbling, God had this to say:

“My daughter, I called you by name to serve me. Each day you walk, you are highly favored. People look up to you. They respect you. You have never lacked and when you did, I came through. You smile through it all…that is my power in you.

Quit with the grumbling Bev!! When praises go up, blessings come down. You have been sitting on your blessing for way too long. It’s time to arise and shine.
Invest in prayer. Value true worship. Commune with me and watch me do wonders that no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has perceived.

Everything is a mess in your life my child, for such a time as this. That the glory of my Name shall be revealed and to you and through you to many others.
When you gave your life to me, you were not taking a walk of shame my daughter, praise me in the storm and watch me prove to you and the world that you are a daughter of the Most High!!!”

I then looked at myself and said to God:

“I have made you too small in my life. Oh Lord, forgive me!!!! I have believed in the lie that you are unable to help.
I want to serve you Lord while I am waiting on You”

So my dear, believer, Lord never sleeps nor slumbers.

If you are in the pit of life like me, fear not. He watches over His own. Like Joseph, He shall redeem us, and deliver us before the Kings. We shall find favor and rule. Not that we deserve this, but because God is graceful. He remembers the tears we shed.

Ps: make it your goal to encourage somebody out there. Spread the love of Christ.
God bless.

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