18 April, 2011

Stand your ground Man

If there's one thing men(this case refering to male species) were created to do is to lead.

Men were born to be leaders and authority figures

Its in their nature to offer way forwards, to be undefeated.

They love to lead

But of what benefit is a man who cannot stand on his own feet??

Who cannot engage his brain to think,analyse and make decisions on his own??!!!!

It is not forbidden for man to consult,

But I'm referring to men who follow the wind

They grasp at anything the world offers

They are the flow of the wave

How will such a man direct his family if he cannot manage his own life??

He who is faithful with little,much shall be entrusted to him

Can you trust the word of a mad man?

Absolutely not!!!!

God created man the head of family.

He instructed him to love his wife as Christ loved the church.

Christ lead the church even when no one believed in Him

He guided the disciples

He taught them kingdom principles

He even prayed with them and for them

He loved them

He provided for them

He even fed them

Thats the man.

A man has to find his identity in His maker

Do we buy vitz spareparts for a prado??

Unheard of!!!!

Then why are men trying to re-engineer themselves

Tune your radar to your Master

He'll bring out the Father in you,

The husband in you

The leader in you

The High priest in you

The worshipper in you

He will give you wisdom

That other men will envy

He'll bless your household

He'll anoint you with favour and respect

Stand your ground

Not on sinking sand

But on the Solid Rock men

That's Jesus.

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