19 April, 2011

4 days late

Day one

Day two

Day three

Still no change

Week after week

Still no change

Year'after year

She still waits on God

That God may save her husband

That God may bring peace in her family

That God may cure her brother

That God may deliver her alcoholic father

That God may save her friends

That God this....

That God that.....

10 years later and still counting

Still praying

No words come out of her mouth

Her tears are her prayers

Will God show her father the light??

Will her mother see the value of God??

Will her brother find healing??

Will her sister realize that she is a gem, a rare jewel and not an equipment to men??

Will her friends choose the path of Yahweh??

Will she find the peace of life??






You name it

The devil seems to have conquered her environment

She only hides in God alone

For how long she wonders??

When will God speak

Will He whisper atleast??

This is just too much to handle

But as she goes through this year after year

She learns

Her faith is rebuilt

Her worries turn into pillars of Faith

Her tears turn into gallons of hope

Her fears become her source of strength

She learns He may be late but His timing is always excellent

She quits holding her fist against the Lord

And she waits on Him

The devil meant this for harm

But Jehovah knows

She arises her spirit

God is not limited to life only

He conquered the grave too

Alot of kneeling before her Master

Keeps her in good standing

God may be four hours late

Or even four days late

Four years

For centuries

You name it

But He never does things uphazardly

He is a God of order

You may be waiting for a healing

But God is paving way for your resurrection

My situation may stink

But God will put an aroma, a fresh fragrance in your life

If only you wait and believe.

While your waiting my dear,

Serve Him with the fullness of heart

Trust Him

For trust is faith that has said prayers

Something good will come out of your 'crap'

God does have you in mind

Even when He is 'four days late'

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