20 March, 2011

I almost.....But

I almost looked back

I almost lost it

I almost turned away from what i believed in

I almost fell of my destiny

I almost killed my Spirit

I almost ran dry

I almost......

But i did not

I tore that page of my book

Re-wrote my story

Re-tracked my life

Went back to the palace

Sat at Jesus feet

Wept,cried out

For i had sinned and fallen short of His glory

And Christ said:

''my child

I know life has been heavy on you

Wipe your tears

For you almost.....but you did not.

You are a new creature

I give you grace

Love in abundance

I empower you to face the demons of this world

To slay them in my name

To heal

To preach

To encourage

For your cup overfloweth

Forget your past Bev

You almost did......but you did not

You came back home

And your sins i will remember no more


Go and sin no more

Remember greater is He who is in You''

With those words....

My dear

forget your mistakes

Remember the wisdom earned

Forge on

For just like me

We almost did fall off

But we did not

He holds us.....trust me

Jesus is real....

I know my saviour, do you??

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