08 March, 2011

Thank God

I woke up hurriedly, dashing out of bed

Quickly, I grab a shower

Hurriedly, I wouldn't miss that breakfast

And purposefully I head to run errands

In the day, I travel safely

I make business deals

Doors open

I catch up with old friends

I laugh, I enjoy my day

I walk from one point to another day safely

I have enough bus fare

Or sometimes fuel for the car engine on a good day

I make new friends

I even meet my future spouse

Evening comes

Fatigue sets in

I hack through the jammed roads

I arrive home safely

Home sweet home!!!!

I catch up on some news on TV

Perhaps even have a laugh on Churchill live if its Thursday

I dine

Freshen up

Call it a day

I enter my warm, cosy bed

Snuggle up and call it a day

Today is gone, tomorrow awaits

Yet not even did I give God one second of my time

He blessed me with good health

Opened doors for me

Paved the way for me

Gave me life

Fed me

Yet I felt I deserved it all

A servant turned master

One sec for God is too much

Yet 36hours of raving, ranting and indulging was not enough

Psalms 103 reminds me: bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not His benefits

I purpose to remember my God in my youth

Thank God....even for the second and chance you get to wink my friends.

He is the potter,

We are just but clay.


  1. Awsome!!!!!!!!Enyewe we forget to say even a word, yet erands ziki pop up ndo hao sisi mbio, but tunasahau kumshukuru aliye tupea uhai.......

  2. imajin Linda!!!!wah...ata me na-up game juu ya hiyo story


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