10 March, 2011

Lord teach me

Lord teach me

To turn the other cheek when im slapped hard

Teach me Lord

Not to live like the unwise, but wise and shrewd

Teach me Lord

To weep out to you father

Not to harbour anger and rage in my heart

show me Lord

To me meek and humble

To be kind and grateful

To love like you do

To forgive 77 times 7times

Teach me Father

That even when it hurts

To believe You still hold my life in your hands

Teach me Lord

That regardless of my circumstances You are still Lord and earth is your footstool

Teach me Lord

To let go of my past

The old has gone and the new has come

Teach me to forgive myself

In that way i travel light

Teach me to be joyful through the storm

For Your joy is my strength

Lord, your the master

Im Your vessel Lord

Teach me God.

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