24 April, 2011

Can I dream?

Sometimes life is a harsh reality

Sometimes life is hell on earth

Life can be a rude shock

I love to dream

For dreams are my getaways when hell breaks loose

They are like taking sabatical leaves

A break off th harshness

So i dream

I dream of life without pain

I dare to dream of true love

Life without fornication and adultery

Life without chips fungas or mpango wa kando wrecking homes and marriages

I dream of men taking positions

Being role models, fathers and husbands

I dream of women making and not wrecking homes

Women who cover their homes with love and prayers

I dream of children

Children who respect,

Who are secure

No sodomy, no rape

I dream of leaders who serve with integrity

I dream of a world that fair and not corrupt

I dream of sincerity of neighbours

The genuiness of friendship

Can dreams be a reality??

Can life be fair??

Can pure love be sought??

Can marriages survive??

Or shall the children keep crying out to God

To save their drunken father??

To save their parents' marriages??

Will children keep being tormented by the harshness of life??

That's why i dare to dream

For dreams open my eyes

Give me a fresh outlook of life

I dare to dream

I dare to live that dream

I dare to be different

I dont wanna be a cliche woman!!!!!!


  1. Dreams are the blue prints of the future dear and through God,all will always come to fruitility:-).we all need to learn to Let go of the past and go for the future. and go confidently in the direction of our dreams. Live the life you imagined,n according to GODs will.:-)

  2. true tht...say NO to baggage:)


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